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  1. Hello, I am looking to sell or trade my Ducati ignition off 2012 GU for a Power Arc ignition. It comes with 2 black boxes and 2 hall sensors. Details/money negotiable. Thanks, Marco
  2. Well if you really want to blab...tell me how to adjust for "low side carb richness" I am wanting it just right but not exactly sure what I'm doing with different jets, shims, and screws. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks Wooden Nickel, I'll find one. dowey-Good to know!
  4. I might have someone drive behind me just to check my speedo reading. Maybe it is off.
  5. MPH I'm gonna tune in on correct lean/rich setting for carbs and call it a win!! Thanks man! You must be in Michigan right?
  6. Racepres-I had that thought last night and gave it a try today. Put it at 76 mm advanced (not sure on what degree that is). got to 60 in the flat and 65 downhill after that. Gonna stay with it and enjoy. I do have a windshield and passenger shield too so maybe that has some effect. Thanks
  7. It's running better than I ever would have expected in gears 1, 2, and most way through 3. Good power and acceleration, but has been doing good in those all along. No matter what I do or change, it just has no acceleration once in 4th unless I am going downhill and not much then either. I can hit upper 40's mph at top of 3rd and then she's a real sloth. I can't see how there could be an increase in load on motor that would cause such a drop in performance. I have thoroughly cleaned fuel system, all fluids changed, bike rolls freely when pushed, new plugs and wires, new CDI (b
  8. I can't adjust it out any less than 1000rpm
  9. It looks like I need a new CDI for 2012 GU with ducati ignition, or a power arc ignition. If you have one to sell or know where a good place to get one is, please let me know. Thanks
  10. So would it be the hall sensor that is bad on a ducati ignition?
  11. So I'm wanting to figure out what is the source of the automatic timing advance that should happen on 2012 GU at higher rpm's Is it from coil? hall sensor? internal to the motor? It appears advance is not happening as it should here. Thanks in advance, Marco
  12. I could have bought a 2017 Saharra fully loaded for about 5 grand more than this. Starting to regret going the cheaper route I'm stumped and starting to get a little bummed. I have balanced carbs, throttle cables, and idle adjustment screws are exactly the same on each carb for idle at 10K rpm. Valves are adjusted per specs. New plugs. Timing set. fuel system entirely cleaned. tires psi correct. All fluids new. She has run pretty consistently well regardless of what I do in first 3 gears and a dog in 4th. Pulling in clutch in 4th lets engine rev up much higher so there is fuel but s
  13. Ok, will do and thanks WN
  14. Fuel system and petcock cleaned. New fuel lines. Timing correct. Carbs synchronized and idling at 9K RPM. New plugs. Air filter clean and very lightly oiled. New jets 130/45. Seems really good until hitting 4th gear around 45 mph and then just barely get past 50. Tried it with 2 shims and with no shims and still same. I removed the tiny washers from the pilot screw since they were little lock washers and left the tiny O rings. Should I put those back? No burping or farting except maybe a tiny one after shutting off. What now?? Increase fuel mix? Just enjoy 50 mp
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