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    Voskhod Jupiter combo Ural M63 combo Dnepr K750 combo
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    Coming back to bikes after many years. I didn't have time for a mid-life crisis, so this is my old-age crisis. First bike was a Francis-Barnett 225 cc, then an ex-police Triumph 500 cc Speed Twin, then a break before a Voskhod, an IZH Jupiter, Ural M63 (never got it to work!), then a looong break to my present K750.

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  1. Thanks for your reply. The brake drums *should* be OK, because I have just fitted "new" Russian Army-surplus wheels - the brake was just as bad with the old wheel, as well. We have got a lot of bad weather today, but I'll measure the drum as soon as I can take the wheel off again, and maybe take some photos. Thanks again.
  2. O.K., this is a very basic problem, probably, but I've got no-one else to turn to except the deer and the wild boar, and they aren't very talkative. First off: the bike is (probably) an M72, with a K750 engine and a Chang Jiang single-wheel drive. The brake shoes are also Chang Jiang. My back brake only operates when I push the pedal down to its maximum - so far down, it's not possible when actually riding. Once it's been activated, the rod does not return to the "off" position and the shoes don't release. It wouldn't be true to say that they lock, because they aren't that good to start with. I tightened up the brake-rod adjusting nut as far as it would go, but it didn't help. I checked the brake shoes, and they have plenty of life left in them. I greased the cams, cleaned the shoes, etc., but got nowhere. I've already wasted money buying things that didn't fit because the bike is such a mongrel, but I'm wondering if it would help to replace the CJ shoes with M72 shoes? It's been 40 years since I last worked on motorbikes, so please bear with me and give me some helpful advice.
  3. A bit of water in the fuel tank / carbs?
  4. Which brake shoes to choose

  5. Yep, looks as if I've got a hybrid! After looking more closely, the dataplate shows signs of having been forced off (something else) and then pop-riveted onto my frame. I checked against the number stamped into the rear frame, and that looks very much like someone has tried to change it. The first digit is clearly a "7", where the plate says "2", the next two digits more or less agree with the plate, but have been bashed about, and the last digit is so mashed up it's illegible. So, now I have to check what bits come from which model before I order any more spares. A K750 brake light switch spring is about 3x too long, for starters. More of a pain, though, is that I've just bought a steering damper for a K750, so I'll just have to hope that it will fit an M72 - Ural-Hamburg's online catalogue shows the M72 damper as having fewer components. As for the sidecar, after comparing photos of the step, I realised that it is in fact a Chang Jiang. Ho-hum. If anyone knows whether a K750 steering damper will fit an M72 frame, I'd appreciate the benefit of your superior knowledge!
  6. Hi, After many years of car-driving, I missed the flies in my teeth, and have recently bought another Russian combination (my last one was an IZH Jupiter). The "new" one was bought as a 1964 K750 - and that is what it says on the maker's plate. Now, though, I'm starting to have doubts: The seats have a big, horizontal spring, like an M72, not rubber dampers; The rear suspension is not swinging-arm, which it should be, according to the photos on b-cozz.com ; The sidecar front light is the same as on an M72 sidecar. Now, I know that a lot can change over 55 years. For instance, over the years, it's been fitted with a Chiang Jang gearbox, Ducati ignition, Nippon Denso generator, and the wheels are from a Ural. But plunger suspension is pretty permanent, I would have thought, and the maker's plate is fixed to the (plunger) frame, so what is going on? Let's face it, I never was a shining light where mechanics are concerned - the biggest job I ever undertook by myself was replacing the pistons on my old Speed Twin (and that was a looong time ago) - but should I be looking for a K750 workshop manual, or one for an M72? The Swedish guy I bought it off just said, "It's all the same ######!" (when he says something is "######", he usually means that it's good), but I'd appreciate a second opinion, if anyone can spare a moment. Cheers!
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