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  1. I have 3000 miles on my 2019 Gear UP and have yet to succeed in kick-starting it. My 06 Tourist started well that way.
  2. You are not alone. Out of curiosity, I've attempted kick-starting my 2019 several time with zero luck.
  3. How many remember the TV series "Then Came Bronson"?
  4. Terry, Will the Mount Pleasant Ural Owners ride be held again this year, and if so, date? Thanks.
  5. Russ, Do you use the "twirl system" or feeler gauge? I'm about to do my first valve adjustment on my new gear Up, 425 miles. My Ural dealer claims he and most dealers use the twirl system. Thanks in advance.
  6. I agree Ride On is an excellent product. The first thing I did to my 2019 Gear Up was add Ride On in all tires. In my touring years, Ride On saved me many times.
  7. Hi Jon, My 2019 Gear Up pulls to the right too, and a little irritating. However, I do love the rig! Hey, I rode Harley's for many years, the last being a 2000 Ultra!
  8. I have a 2019 Ural Gear Up on order. The dealer is 100 miles away, and when I get home I'm switching to Amsoil 20/50 in the engine and transmission. I'm sure that most will say it's a mistake but it won't be the first time for me.
  9. Hey, most patriots, working people, moralistic people, etc, are right wing, simple as that! Liberals are basically interested in "free stuff", power, etc, etc!
  10. The Democrats in US are the new bolsheviks, as a citizen from East Europe I see that very clearly. And I hate bolshevisks, they destroyed my country and all the East Europe. No doubt in my mind, you, sir, are more informed of American politics than the majority of American Democrats. Salute to you! No wonder that the American Communist Party always support Democrats, the scourge of our nation!
  11. I support President Donald J. Trump. However, I dislike his childish remarks, etc. He has done wonders for our nation, simple as that. I detest Democrats and everything they stand for.
  12. I support President Donald J. Trump. However, I dislike his personality, childish remarks, etc.
  13. I feel your pain, Wyomingglen I've been divorced for 45 years and still celebrating my freedom. Also, sold my 06 Ural Tourist in 2008 and regretted selling it almost immediately, suffering sellers remorse, etc. I now have a 2019 Ural Gear Up on order and should be here any day now. I'm suffering from the "Ural Fever"!
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