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  1. Thanks for thinking of me. If I hadnt already acquired a rig I would be interested. I would suggest advertising it on the advrider forum, theres a fairly extensive sidecar section and many enthusiasts there. You may have success in the complete rig, or selling the car separately, the Ural cars are popular to use with other bikes. In my case, I ended up with a 1984 H-D Low Rider and a used DMC M72 car. The older H-Ds, similar to the 1947 I had in the past were way out of my budget, the 1984 will have to suffice.
  2. I guess the first post was missing the problem, he said it wasnt an electrical issue to start, but the bearing was bad and there was metal shavings from the bearing going out. No further information. Does this eat motors, or would it be relatively benign to correct and clean up?
  3. Im looking at an 02 750, the current owner said it was running recently, but the generator was toast and it wouldnt start now. Should it start if the battery is charged up and the gen wire disconnected? Trying to figure out how much trouble it would be to get running. not starting makes it difficult to know much. A friend is going to have a look at it later today. Curious if theres much we can learn if it wont start because of the generator. The sidecar looks good though. :) Edit: He said the bearing was toast. Can the bearing be replaced or does the entire gen or housing need to be replaced?
  4. Thank you for the information. I'm primarily interested in the sidecar and would sell the bike for solo use. It of course would be best to buy a rig with the bike type being suitable for such use. Ive been out of riding for many years, at this point I need a sidecar for various reasons and like the Ural cars best. My riding history is another make of bike and I'll stay with it due to familiarity, having tools and experience working on them for fun and for a living, and simply liking them a lot.
  5. Have you found what you are looking for yet? If not, contact me, I'm looking for a sidecar only.
  6. Do you still have this for sale? Is it 1 wd or 2 wd? I'm not up to speed on models and which are 1 or 2wd.
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