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    Going from a 2008 Ural Tourist to a 2018 Ural CT

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  1. Rig is now in the country! I have a delivery date of October 7th! Getting anxious to see it!
  2. Thanks Russ, but they barely covered my medical expenses. Long story. The lesson that I learned was thus, always leave yourself an exit in any traffic situation, and watch those mirrors. I did neither that day and paid dearly. Oh, and I almost forgot, my lawyer was a nimrod! Thanks for the shout! Junkie
  3. Thanks Ratso, but yeah, it messed me up, no more solo rigs in my future. I sold my 2015 Triumph America, those days are over! I think the CT will be the ticket for me now. Grateful to still be riding! And yes, fall riding is great! Thanks for the shout! Best, Junkie
  4. Recently ordered a new Ural CT, hoping to have it by mid September. It will replace a 2008 Tourist wich was totaled when I was hit from behind by a 4WD truck, I was stopped at a red light in the city! Watch those mirrors y'all! Thank God there were no Grandkids or dogs with me that day!
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