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    Dnepr MT11, Ural M66, MZ Saxon Tour, IZH 49

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  1. Well, fitted my AliExpress Keihin copies and runs lovely. Idles better, uses less fuel and runs smoother. Upped the main jets that came with them from 110 to 118. Wanted to up the pilot jets but not found any to fit yet, but jetting seems OK from a couple of plug chops. Bought the inlet rubbers from Ural Zentrale.
  2. Thanks, have mine ordered. Will let you know how I get on.
  3. Did you need to rejet these carbs or was the standard jetting OK?
  4. Excellent, but I meant the flanges that fit to the head.
  5. Want to try these Chinese CV carbs on my Dnepr MT11. Where did you get the inlet manifolds to fit them?
  6. Thanks, perhaps they forgot to drill mine in the factory. Easily sorted anyway.
  7. is there meant to be a vent in the fuel cap on a Dnepr (MT11)? Mine does not seem to have one and seems like I am getting a vacuum in the tank when the cap is fitted. Will probably just drill a small hole through the centre of the cap to sort the problem.
  8. For now the Ural identity has been transferred to the Dnepr so that I can make it road legal in the UK (has to be pre 81 for right hand sidecar). Eventually I may rebuild the Ural motor but for now concentrating on getting the Dnepr fixed up.
  9. Thought I should introduce myself seeing as I have been taking full advantage of the wealth of knowledge here. Up in Northern Ireland and currently have a 1982 Dnepr MT11 outfit and a 1973 Ural M66 with a very poorly engine. Also have an Izh 49 basket case that I am starting to restore. The Ural was badly neglected and its oil filter had disintegrated and clogged up all of the oil ways in the engine and the resulting oil starvation basically wrecked the engine.
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