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  1. Thanks for the reply guys. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Hopefully there is an IZH fan out there who has just a frame and a motor. The last thing I want to do is be buying a complete bike and chopping it up. That would not be good. Though I must admit I am not adverse to the idea of a Planeta or Jupiter stock bike to keep and ride for the hell of it. It is something different that you hardly ever see here in the States. Thats what appeals to me about it. There is a current offering on ebay of a Planeta with no wheels seat and a few other missing parts that is here in the states. However the person that owns it has already dismantled the motor. What worries me about that is while I am no stranger to motor work the lack of available (detailed rebuild) info the motor could end up being a real pain in the butt. I would prefer a motor I could disassemble myself taking pictures and notes on the way and that way I know how it all goes back together. Beings that these bikes were not imported in numbers this may come down to actually importing something. Can anyone recommend anyone reputable? Someone preferably they have done business with a lot? Still in the planning stages so there is no big hurry but would love to get the ball rolling. While researching this subject I came across the M72. I would like at a later date to have a go at restoring on of them. Very nice bike. So thanks for any info and any suggestions on reading material on the net or resources here in the states would be great. Take care and safe riding. RT
  2. Hi all, Been messing around with bikes all my life. Bought a few sold a few and regret getting rid of most of them. Anyway's what led me to this forum? I have a hankering to do a custom project with a IZH Planeta or Jupiter. Not much of an easy task when you live in Iowa but where there is a will there is a way. What I am looking for mostly at the moment is a Planeta or Jupiter frame with motor and mounting bolts/plates. Dont need wheels pipes or front end or anything else. Paper is a plus but if not no big deal as I have a very good title agency that can title anything. Looking for something pre 70 and even better 1965 or earlier. Hope you all do not mind me wandering in talking about chopping up a bike but I figure with the amount of them made one less is not going to hurt anything. Looking for something in the states already as I do not want to go through all the BS associated with importing something. Any ideas or hints tips or suggestions on where I could find a frame/motor would be most appreciated. Thanks for your time RT.
  3. Sorry for some reason I double posted.
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