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  1. If the fender is up for grabs, I will definitely take it!
  2. Ken, I hope i am not too late to wish you the very best and many many years of gracing us all with your presence! As for the historical perspective, Ukraine had been with Russia for quite the very long time (Kiev - capitol of Ukraine, is over 1500 years old!) and generally Kiev is considered to be the birthplace of Russia ( for those that are interested - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kievan_Rus%27 ). This could explain Russia's particular interest in keeping Ukraine close.
  3. Hey John, do you still have these mounts? I wonder what those dimensions are, since Oldtimers isn't selling it anymore but selling large mounts for axe... maybe it would be similar.
  4. Hi Chris, this is Max. I had ordered a few items from you via E-Bay a while ago. I received everything fast and in good order. Naturally will be ordering more. I also directed a friend of mine to you as well to order some items for the MT16 Dnepr that I sold to him. All the best to you and your family.
  5. All like the title says - I am looking for a rebuild kit for K302 carbs. Ebay doesn't seem to show it. Do you happen to know a source that may have it?
  6. What an a-hole... Though shooting at the guy would probably make it even worse. Three digits and description of the car gives a good chance. Hope you are doing well. How is the bike?
  7. Sure, no problem. I am not a weathered long distance rider but know a few :) While I am not a fortune teller, I can tell you that on any sustained travel there will be breakdowns and repairs on the side of the road. Something will work itself loose, something will fall off or/and simply break into pieces. There will be a need to adjust valves, timing, carbs, electrical issues, bad seals and leaks. This is true for new bikes but especially true for old ones. It's important to know your machine. Dneprs much like Urals are easy to work on, simple and direct old(er) technology. What you see is what you get. The quality of your situation depends on how many spare parts you are packing, your tools, your positive approach to life and free time (you are retiring so that issue is solved!) all that given you are not afraid to get dirty. I don't know if I would actually go cross country on a Dnepr, but then again, it's all about the time and the will to make it through. I never had enough of time to plan for it.... Not just yet. The fact that you'll do it on a Dnepr will provide adventures to boot, that's for sure!
  8. I can see you had asked this question more than once but I will take the opportunity to answer it first :) The answer to the most important question is...! - it depends. There are so many variables such as - speed, duration of travel, type of roads etc... You are on the right path as it's worth your while to research and better understand the model differences and design purposes. The Urals you will encounter for sale are mostly newer bikes designed with modern requirements in mind, progressively out of the experience selling it overseas (USA and etc) where some models will be a much improved version over the previous ones - late models over 1990s and such. Dnepr had generally stopped its development in the very early of 90s. You are looking at the mid-80s SOVIET technology – very important to keep that in mind. The purpose of these motorcycles was and remained until the last day of production - military/ industrial/ agricultural applications, meaning that primary usage is for cross country terrain in full time 2wd mode, low gear – low speed, often delivering heavy pay loads, towing trailers with ammo and/or sacks of potatoes J… and even mortars or recoilless artillery pieces. At that time there were many high(er) speed civilian motorcycles and combination in production - this model was not available for general sale to civilians, though those living in collective farms had access to it. With that in mind, it is of course possible to ride this rig across PA but your route will have to be planned accordingly, avoiding any sustained highway riding. Think of driving a WW2 Jeep Willis to your destination. The number one error people make in owning these is to ask of these machines too much. It will ride all day long at the designed speed, which is somewhere around 35-40mp/h. Don't laugh, but riding muddy or dusty dirt/ forest roads in Soviet Union would see you doing less than that most of the time. There are some people that will tell you that these machines can be improved to hang with the modern bikes etc… If that is what’s in scope, in my opinion you might as well buy a newer Ural because it will require many major changes to the main components and even then it will be highly questionable in terms of lifespan and safety. Your best bet is to understand the reality and treat these machines for what it is. As for parts, there are still plenty of sellers on Ebay that can supply you with anything from small parts to a complete engine, trans and diff. These motorcycles were made in millions so plenty of the parts left. Just go on Ebay and type – Dnepr. I believe I am being counter-productive in my quest to sell my MT-16 J but that’s the truth. These are great rigs, just need to be used right.
  9. Sure, I will even cover first 120 miles for free! :) They do have delivery for bikes. It may be pretty reasonable.
  10. It’s time to make room in my garage for another bike. Between MT16 and M72, MT has to go. This is a very reluctant sale. My MT started its life on US soil on a farm in NJ. It spent roughly 5-6 quiet years and suffered some neglect. After I purchased it from a fellow RI/SS rider, I had completely took it apart, replaced whatever needed attention and repainted in Battleship gray. The frame is black. Price - $3750 obo. Major components: Engine is running great – no overheating, no strange noises, idles well. Carbs – Chinese PZ-27. Very easy to set up and adjust. Ignition – Russian electronic , Harley coil under the tank– bike starts on a first-second kick every time. Gearbox – shifts smooth, no issues, goes into reverse very well Differential – complete rebuild with all new components by Ken Ulrich so you know it will outlive the bike – Thank you Ken!!! Brakes – fresh on all corners Wheels – as round as KMZ factory wheels can get J - fresh bearings Tires – Polish (thanks Dave!) off road tires – smooth on pavement (as much as you can expect from MT/soviet wheels combo) and well off road. Lights – in working order, new Generator. Exhaust – new MT6 original Battery – fresh gel type. Controls – new Seat could use fresh stitches in a few spots –easy fix. Additional items: Ammo can, period correct Soviet sapper shovel, fuel can, metal leg shields. When I was putting the bike together I made sure to keep it period correct as much as possible. All parts are made in USSR and contain the correct stamps. MT looks great and always attracts attention – if you are shy, this bike is not for you J I will deliver first 120 miles free of charge. If you need it to be delivered further we can discuss. Max - 267-342-7700 email - threewheelfun@gmail.com Disclaimer - this is a Dnepr, not a new Ural, so please set expectations accordingly.
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