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    Own a 1972 Jawa 350cc. Interested in IZH 2-strokes
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    I own a '72 Jawa 350 which I resurrected after being off the road for many years. The idea of restoring a 350 IZH appeals to me. I recently retired and thoroughly enjoyed restoring the Jawa. My first motorcycle was an Ariel Golden Arrow in 1969. Followed by a Leader, ES2 Norton, a couple of Suzukis and an MZ ES250. Road Raced in the UK for a while but it slowly dawned on me that World Champions were made of different stuff to me. My last bike before the Jawa was a 100cc Honda 2-stroke. I am recently returned to motorcycle riding. I live in country W.A.
  1. Thanks propwash. It hasn't been licenced for the road for many years. So I am going through it and making sure it is all good. Phil
  2. There is a photo there now in Phils IZH
  3. philtyler

    Phils IZH

    Jupiter 2 unrestored. Located in Western Australia
  4. Sunny, for some reason the photo hasn't loaded , not sure why. I have some books. It also came with another engine which is not in particularly good condition. If you are short of any parts then there is at least a small chance I might have it.
  5. I posted back in 2018 that I was looking for a IZH. I have finally secured one in my state of Western Australia. A 1971 Jupiter 2. It has never been restored but it has been lovingly looked after by its previous owner. It is the unrestored state that attracted me. Enclosed is a photograph. Cheers Phil I have posted a couple of pictures in Phil's IZH in the gallery
  6. A link to an IZH currently for sale on Gumtree https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/murray-bridge/motorcycle-scooter-parts/jupiter-motorbike/1189642712 Phil
  7. A link to a Jupiter for sale on Gumtree. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bendigo/motorcycles/motorbike/1180645538
  8. Hello Ian. Great to hear about your Planeta 3. I would love to see it. I live in Donnybrook but come to Perth quite often to watch the Perth Glory. Probably won't be up for this Saturday's game but will be coming up on the 7th March for a couple of nights to see my daughter who is coming to Perth. I should also be in Perth on Saturday 10th March to watch the Glory. If any of these times are likely to suit you let me know. As my info says, I ride a Jawa at the moment and have just taken on the task of fitting a Honda brake to it for improved stopping power. My mobile is 0400 860 755. Cheers
  9. Thanks for your input Garbage Bear...... Apart from the Voskhod, a fellow only a couple of hours away from me spoke to me about a 1957 Jawa 350 he has had in storage for many years. Too expensive and too many unwanted parts with it. Great to hear from someone in Romania...
  10. Hiya guys and ladies. I am a new member of this forum and this is my first post. A little about myself. I am recently retired although I still work occasionally. I have always been a 2-stroke fan. I grew up in England and I bought my first bike around 1968/69 which was an Ariel Golden Arrow. Followed by a Leader, a Norton ES2, then a couple of Suzukis which included a highly tuned and unreliable T20 which I road raced. While racing, my road bike was a MZ ES250 which was a superb machine. The front end went up when you braked. A good handler too. When our kids were little, cars were the way t
  11. philtyler

    Phil's IZH

    1971 Jupiter 2
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