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  1. Ural Aust have come back to me on this, it will be checked out under warranty by a designated service shop and rectified if necessary. BTW - all the lower shock mounts are the same and I have found similar issues on other forums.
  2. G'Day all, Picked up a 3rd hand 2015 Ural Tourist recently and a bit of basic maintenance that led to some interesting discoveries. The bike is seriously low Km's, less than 5K so I didn't expect any major drama's, I am unsure if the previous owners did anything other than oils and lube, so I was reasonably thorough starting at the front and working my way back. First thing that caught my eye was the lower fork mounts not being centered. I can't find this mentioned in any other forums, although being a newbie I might not be looking in the right places. Pic attached is the left hand front (sitting on the bike) lower swing arm bushing:- Notice how the bush isn't pressed all the way through? There is about 2mm protruding on the outer side as seen in the second photo. Even is the spacer is the right length it will always rub against the frame, which is a major wear problem. I checked all the other lower mounts (rear and chair) and they are the same. Either they used the wrong bushing, didn't press is in completely or it is a design fault. Question is - anyone else seen this?
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