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    1997 ural sportsman, 2008 ducati gt 1000, interested in older Dnepr sidecar rigs preferably flat heads
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    Love riding and improving my ural, intrigued by early russian side car rigs, Dnepr and such, flat heads and history of these bikes.

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  1. Could you elaborate on the more heavy duty? Over all quality of the Dnepr motorcycles? What years were the Flat heads in production? What was there letter/ number designation? Thank you!
  2. Confused by all the different models esp , the mt-11my-16 designations, 1 wd. preferred, already have a 2wd sportsman, looking for best suited model for touring, wouldn't rule out a flathead, top speed on earlier bikes? Parts availability? People will always say buy a new one, thanks guys
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