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    1962 500 velocette venom 1958 650 triumph 1997 CJ750 1985 GN Suzuki
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    I live in Perth Western Australia

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  1. Hi Chaps Going to rebore the cylinders on my CJ750 OHV sidecar 78 mm bore (when the pistons arrive), after the reading below comments I have come to the conclusion .006" ( thou ) piston clearance would be about right , the old pistons had "picked up " being too tight from new , don't want it to happen again , also will check what they are now to get a bit of an idea, any comment would be welcome Regards Barry
  2. Hi Mates Thank Peter / Russ It's a Xiang Jiang ex' Police bike , never seen another like this one Thanks for the info' will let you know how I get on, putting pictures on ( I hope) Regards Barry
  3. Hi mates Yes, Rev counter housing mine has 4 holes, does it screw off? thanks for the replies barry
  4. Hi js69 On mine the taco cable drive come out of round plate or housing about 60 mm dia' has 4 holes, l/h side of the starter motor Barry
  5. Hi Mates It's Barry from Western Australia, I've got a CJ750 ohv and it's got an oil leak from taco drive plate, mine has 4 holes in it and oil is coming from at least one hole,. anybody know how to get the plate off, thanks in advance Regards Barry
  6. Hi Mates I'm Barry Davies from WA, just bought a 1997 Chinese CJ750 ohv , am I allowed to ask questions / comment etc just as if I had a Ural? Barry
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