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  1. Thanks guys. The info i got of the cossack site said rotate the unit 'counter clockwise' at TDC until the light goes out. Scott you are saying rotate ' clockwise' to get the light to go out so i guess this os where i have been going wrong!! 😊. Will give this a go thanks!
  2. Looking for help So i have purchased a sovek microprocessor controlled ignition for my dnepr Mt10-36 the same as this https://www.ebay.co....OwAAOSwA3dYgTqP and am having a few problems timing it up. The instructions I have found at http://www.cossack-motorcycles.com/2015/12/replacing-standard-ignition-system-cossack-bikes/ tell you to set the bike to TDC then rotate the backing plate counter clockwise until the LED red light goes out. The first problem I had was that the slots were not long enough to achieve this so I had to reposition the rotor on the end of the camshaft. This entailed a slight mod to the locating 'rectangle' inside the rotor that locates on the end of the shaft. No biggie and I think the shaft the rotor attaches too has been 'modded' at some point as it appears to have been filed hence the need to reposition! I also spent some time ensuring that the rotor cleared the pickup by a suitable amount. Anyway once that was done I tried again. I was very careful about finding TDC both using the mark on the flywheel and checking through the plug hole I aet the backing plate as per the instructions - rotate' the plate counter clockwise until the LED went out and locked it in this position'. However the bike would not start? Are these instructions correct? thanks Gary
  3. So just putting my dnepr final drive back together and have a question regarding the number of rollers in the pinion needle bearing and the crown wheel bearing. For the latter i purchased a full set of rollers and these completely fill the raceway without much space at all left over however the pinion needle bearing has enough space for perhaps one more roller. I was always taught that crowded bearings should have some space so which one is correct? Gary
  4. Would i be correct in saying that the bolt size for the ring gear in the final drive is 8mm x 1mm pitch? Am i ok to use loctite instead of the tab washers to secure? regards Gary
  5. Thanks for the info. managed to get the NOVA sorted Gary
  6. Just wondering, was the MT10-36 Dnepr offered with the option of having a normal bike type seat or single tractor type seats. I have seen photos of this bike fitted with both? regards Gary
  7. Thanks Guys In addition the frame is not stamped with a VIN on the rear left shock top mount? It doesnt appear to have been tampered with and this would explain the lack of VIN on the logbook and bill of sale. Was this just an omission at the factory? Is this common? Engine number clear and present and this does match the number on the logbook regards Gary
  8. Hi looking for some help. I have just purchased a Dnepr 10-36 here in the UK as a project. This was purchased off someone who themselves arranged import via a Latvian contact. I have the bill of sale for the original purchase plus the Latvian log book plus a receipt off the guy I bought from. The bike was imported Dec 2016. It did not come with any NOVA paperwork and I am concerned it was not notified. In addition there is no VIN on the original bill of sale or Latvian log book? What should I do? regards Gary
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