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    IZH Jupiter 2 1971
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    Learned to ride motorcycles little over fifty years ago and enjoyed every bike I've ridden since . I have owned bikes from a few different countries , this is my first Russian bike . I bought my Jupiter 2 as a rolling frame and seven box's with the rest of the bike in them . This is not the first bike in a box I have bought and put back together , looking forward to putting this one back to showroom standard and totally original .

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  1. This link above is the same manual I'm using for my Jupiter 2 , found it very useful so far .
  2. Thank you Peter Williams , these sites are a huge help .
  3. G'Day Kev and Rob , I have bought a 1971 Jupiter 2 recently , my first Russian motorcycle and found this site a couple of weeks ago . I have a compete restoration in mind mostly because I bought a rolling frame with two motors in various box's , a spare petrol tank and a spare wheel . Looking forward to going for a ride on it in a few months . I'd be grateful for any information I can get on this model . Thanks . Bruce
  4. desmo420

    My first Russian bike

    I have owned and ridden motorcycles for a lot of different countries and now I get to ride a Russian bike when I put all of the bike bake together . This is not my first bike in a box I have bought and assembled but it will be more time consuming because of the rust . All the bike seems to be here including an extra motor , petrol tank and wheel . From the photographs I have seen I think it is a Jupiter 2 model and on the tag on the steering head says built in 1971 . I am a retired mechanic and doing all the work I don't think I will have much trouble putting all the parts where they belong but do need the torque settings and any other information other owners can pass on that can help me in getting my bike back on the road will be appreciated .
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