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    I bought a dealer demonstrater, a 1994 Tourist, in 1998 and have owned a 2000 Tourist and my 2004 Retro.

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  1. I'm not arguing. If I was being introduced to them now the price would make it much harder to say Yes. My first Tourist, 1 1994, was less than $5500. It was a demonstrator. But it's been a long, fun, ride!
  2. A good bit of the price increase is due to newer, more high tech parts to meet emissions standards and to satisfy customer requests for more reliability. These had to be sourced outside Russia and were more expensive than the parts previously used. In order to survive they had to make changes. I don't see much of a less expensive route to reach that goal. And parts made in low volumes to a new design will add to the cost. Plus the recent changes they had to make because of Mad Vlad.
  3. Long story short there was an incident where some folks found fun in the way the folks at the factory appeared in photographs. Generally, in Russia the custom was not to smile when having your photograph taken. They were called on it and got upset and founded another site an a lot of folks switched as the rules regarding that type of behavior were looser there. Additionally this site had some downtime which also didn't help.
  4. I believe she is referring to the days when the 35 amp Russian alternator was used on the Urals. A good design but poorly executed they failed a lot. I used to carry a spare in the trunk and had to use it on many occasions. There were a few good ones that folks never had trouble with, but if there was any issue in the bike's wiring they were gone quickly. On my 2000 Tourist I found that there was a break in the wiring harness from the factory, it had been trapped between the frame and gas tank. As you rode the connection would make and break and this would kill the alternator pretty quickly.
  5. Congratulations! The subconscious often helps me solve problems.
  6. Quite a mystery you have there. I assume you checked to see if the clutch screws were tight, but that should also affect all gears and not just 3rd. And no, I've not heard of any slippage in the driveshaft or final drive that only affects third.
  7. I have schematics for 1999 Urals which is probably closer to a 2002 as this was the last year Russian switchgear was used on the handlebars. The main issue with these schematics is they are broken down by function. However the board won't let me post even one as they are larger than 7.74 KB (which is nothing). If you want leave me your email address in the message area at the top of the screen and I will email them to you.
  8. Rings can take a while to seat properly, the pressure and temperature of combustion pushes them into position and they wear a bit to match the cylinder. I'd say run it for a while and see what happens. If it doesn't come up over time then you have a problem.
  9. Add some oil through the spark plug hole and read the compression again. If it goes up the rings aren't sealing. If it stays the same then lap the valves.
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