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  1. Is the final drive ratio the same as on Urals? Would a Ural speedo fit? Often the same instruments were used in different factories.
  2. We had one dog who would jump into the sidecar but as soon as I approached the bike he was out of there, he didn't like engine noise. A shame because he really liked to ride in the car.
  3. Are you in Europe? All US models came with Keihin CV carbs. And I believe the chrome shocks mean you have Russian shocks and I think the US models had Paoli shocks. Or someone changed out the carbs.
  4. Sounds like a good movie title, "Night of the Rarewolves". 🙂
  5. Excellent work, nice looking bike. Interesting choice of engine.
  6. Nice bike. Reminds me of a Jawa.
  7. There is excellent workmanship in this thread. Good job!
  8. Although the newer ones use some pretty small wires I prefer 16 gauge although 18 would probably be enough. Judge by automotive wires, these are basically carrying the same loads for lighting and ignition.
  9. Slow and steady gets the job done on these simple machines. Carefully note the orientation of the roller bearings in the wheels, their placement is counterintuitive to many because they are set up to handle the side thrusts from the sidecar.
  10. Good advice from all. If you are having trouble tracing a wire from one end of the harness to the other, another tool that can help is a cable tracker. It consists of 2 pieces, a signal generator that you clip to the wire, and a receiver that detects the signal and thus the wire. Harbor Freight carries one and they are available at other places too. I would try the other methods listed first as it avoids the expense (about $25 US) but if you aren't having luck this can help. Here's a link to the Harbor Freight one: https://www.harborfreight.com/cable-tracker-94181.html
  11. Terry Crawford also parts out old bikes and has a good stock of parts.
  12. You did indeed succeed at making a nice looking rig!
  13. Congratulations! I don't think they are making those speedos anymore.
  14. Ditto on the oil, WD40 doesn't hang around long. Also, if you still have it apart and want to brighten your speedo at night this is the time to do it. Remove the 2 green filters to get a whiter light, the filters remove at least 50% of the light. Also, replacing the incandescent bulbs with LEDs helps enormously but this can be done at any time.
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