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  1. The clutch bracket looks way cool! I have replaced my clutch cable with a much stronger one too, but have used the old mounting bracket. I have made myself a hand brake: Jürgen
  2. Nice. Have the same size lathe. So useful with our Bikes. Made a front axles out of stainless once with the left threads.
  3. Stick welding a fender requires some good skills. Nicely done.
  4. This was the holder that was on before. Lots of changs have the holder attached to the bottom of the shock but in a straight line. Not sure how the orginal looked like.
  5. Hey Luca, looks good! For mine, I decided to use the M72 style for the fender holder. One long 10mm round bar bent with the attachments welded on:
  6. Same with mine! Curious to know why they are not filled with fuel all the time
  7. I once drove off with the fuel switch still on off. The fuel bowl had enough for a half a mile or so and I was approaching a busy crossing. Engine stalled. Took a moment or so to realized the fuel switch might be off and with 10s of starting (felt like an eternity) the engine started again :) I'm curious to know where the gearoil went and what the reason was. A liter does not disappear just like like that?
  8. You should have only the cap with 5KOhm. I use BP7ES myself and with the 5K NGK cap they work pretty good. Having both the plug and the cap with resistors does not look like a good idea.
  9. The engine sounds very smooth. You put a lot of efforts in. Great work! And the color fits todays day (st. Patricks day) :)
  10. One important reason is when the switch gets a failure, it doesn't short from one of the contacts to the mounted chassis. That was at least the main reason for my solution. From theory, it doesn't matter where you interrupt.
  11. Nice work Luca! Did you use electrical solder with the resin core or did you used plumbers solder with a flux? I guess you used at least a 100W iron? Those metal areas draw a lot of heat.
  12. Using the biggest pliers (large water pump pliers works great) that fit, hold the plier with both hands and move the end loop over the post. Using a small plier (single handed) almost always failed for me.
  13. Changing/bending chrome tubes isn't an option without destroying them, and yours look decent! Not sure if I would use the mummy tape. Looks good as it is. Driving forth and back is exhausting I have done it once but it took only a few round trips. Just one more change…
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