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    Living in Melbourne Australia. I wanted a project bike that is interesting and not common. I travelled to Russia in 1995 and when I saw my bike for sale I couldn't resist. Here I am!

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  1. All mecanicals done. Going for a test ride soon to be certified safe for the road. Then have to contemplate what to do cosmetically. I would rather preserve than restore.
  2. Update. We experienced rough idling and stalling. The mechanic removed the K68 carbs and took out the brass floats. He replaced them with the plastic ones from the cheap Chinese carbs. Here is the latest pic of her running. Very happy..it’s the best so far.
  3. Thanks everyone for their comments. I wanted to visit this topic because fuel technology has changed since this bike was built in 1957. Has the fuel advancement helped my bikes performance and engine wear?...it seems NOT. Lead additives? Could be useless but it seems reasonable to use it...just an extra touch of love. Choice of the owner. Here she is running with the original carbs put back on..95 octane and lead addititve.
  4. bike is running well...lots of frustration along the way. We put the old original carbs back on and she runs better with them... :) Changed the gearbox only to find the kick start now hits the foot peg.. i guess i have to have it cut and shortened.
  5. Pressure coming from the exhaust is much stronger on the left too. Anyway.. i will see what the mechanic can find. I admire you guys who are mechanically minded.
  6. I remember when unleaded fuel was introduced. It was such a big deal and everyone was adding chemicals to their fuel and rebuilding the top of their engines.
  7. Thanks, starting 2nd or 3rd kick from cold at the moment. Ironing out the bugs. The left cylinder runs hotter (better?) than the right. I am sure the mechanic can sort it. He is 'old school' and moves around the bike like and old friend, even though he has never seen this make/model. The bike looks much better in the pics...60 years of use is showing but i will preserve her rather than restore. That wear and tear has a charm of it's own....well I tell myself that.
  8. The bike is running. Great feeling.
  9. Lucky I asked then. Good point you make about running unleaded in this old girl. I don't want to burn her out. I wonder if that fuel additive is still available to make it leaded fuel or its equivelant. Will contact some auto stores today. Mark
  10. Hi. In the process of tuning the bike. I have been using 98% Octane. Is that the best for this bike? Here in Australia the choices are 98, 95 or 91%. Mark Ps. Have added a little more of the bikes progress to my project thread here.
  11. Hi everyone, an update on my project. Firstly, with great disappointment it looks like my riding days are over.. i have sustained what may be permanent nerve damage in the right arm causing loss of much use of my right hand. So my dream of riding this unit to local cafes with the girlfriend may be that..just a dream. Anyway...on a lucky note i have found an old school mechanic to help out with getting the bike sorted. We removed the broken gear box and installed the old soviet one i purchased. The Dnepr will go in at a later date as i am locating a MT 303 cardan shaft which means i wont have to cut the original. If my arm doesn't repair itself i will just leave to soviet box in and onsell the bike with all the spares at this stage i plan to keep it. I am keeping points ignition system even though i bought the electric upgrade. Seems some people have had a hell of a time setting that up on M72s. Once the gearbox went in spark was tested and the bike would not start. Mechanic wasn't happy with the spark and sent me off to source a VW engine coil and another condenser. The Bosch 6v worked a treat and vrrrrm, she ran. Still lots to do.. Address the rust in the petrol tank. I did try using hydrchloric acid which seemed to help a lot but still more to do. I did put some chain inthe tank to help losen scale. Any other tips? Inline filters have been installed, new petcock added. Keeping the bike as original as possible and don't want to overdo the expense especially if I cannot ride it. I may just take off the sidecar and park the bike in my lounge room. Art On Wheels.
  12. Be sure you put the gearbox in neutral when you want to shift in reverse. If it is not in neutral it will not work. thanks. Even when in neutral that hand lever will not move. I m starting the think i will just put that soviet times one in. I dont have to shorten the drive shaft. I am not sure how to do that. Mark
  13. Thanks. Tried that and the hand lever doesn't move in any direction. Maybe we will install it, get the engine running and see if we can shift gears without the drive shaft. I have one other gear box (old soviet) which i will install if reverse doesnt work on the Dnepr. Here is a pic of it.
  14. Hi. If i instsll the Dnepr gear box into mt M72 i am told i need to shorten the drive shaft by 20mm. Question. What is the best way to go about this and is there any pitfalls. Rgards Mark
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