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  1. Hi Gary, looks like we both got our Dneprs from the same guy in Latvia, I have recently been through the Nova registration proceedure which was quite easy to do online. If you got a small brown or buff coloured Latvian log book with the bike, this should have the vin number in it or a frame number which can be used for identity purposes, but they can be hard to decipher if its in Russian Other wise , try looking at the front of the headstock where there should be a vin plate fixed, Then if you get the number from there , you can look up on the HMRC website for importing vehicles from the EU and you have to register and then go to the self import section for a single vehicle , put in all the details that you have and submit your application. Once this has been processed, you get a comfirmation and you can print off the NOVA registration and you shouldn't have any import duty to pay , if as myself, you bought a cheap do up project bike. Once you have this you do not need to inform Swansea DLA as the HMRC send over your NOVA to them, but keep the print out NOVA anyway I rang DLA and told them that my Dnepr would not be ready for registration for some time as it was being refurbished over the next 12 months and they said that this isnt a problem. There is a from from DLA for registration , I cant remember what number it is , but DLA will tell you. When you have the bike ready for the road, you then have to get it Mot'd on the frame number and have insurance and then you can apply for a registration Number and road tax. Hope this helps and happy Dnepring
  2. Thats the same conclusion that I have come to as when I took off the air filter box top, there was a metal housing containing a ball of nylon string type material, this was covered in a black oily gunge. It seems that sometime previously, the engine has been expelling excessive oil into the airbox, as you state this could be becasuse the rings are goosed. Seems like someone made the bodge "fix" rather than find out what the cause of the problem was. It's going to be taken apart anyway, so I'll find out when it's in bits. Cheers once again for your input. Dave
  3. Thanks for your replies Guys, Yes I can see on the pics that the hole in the casting should be plugged as the actual breather path comes up the cast in oriface and turn through 90 degrees to the exit at the rear of the timing chest. For some strange reason, a previous owner / bodger has drilled out the plug and fitted the tube in my photos, when the tube is inserted fully it must block off the 90 degree drilling and air must have been drawn in or expelled from the modified pipe and hose. I am now wondering if there was a previous breather fault and this modification was someone's solution to that Since I am intending to pull out the motor and strip it for a look n see, I will be investigating further and I intend to put the motor back to factory spec anyway. Thanks again for you help
  4. Hi to All. A couple of weeks ago I became the owner of a Barn find project 1985 Dnepr Mt11 which I bought off the net from Latvia. I was pleasantly suprised when the bike arrived as it was complete as advertised and although rather shoddy looking, after a bit of spannering and ditching the stock coil, I managed to get it to run. My plan is to now strip out the motor and transmission for a rebuild and get all the chassis and tinware powder coated, but as I looked around the bike I noticed that It seems to have a breather modification that is puzzling me. On the right hand side of the timing chest, above the cylinder, just near to the hole for the coil wire, there is a pipe fitted into a hole which runs down into the engine at an angle. This pipe exits the hole and u bends downwards and has a length of plastic hose attached, the hose is open ended and just sits at level at the base of the engine. The standard breather pipe exits the engine at the back of the timing chest and is connected to the airbox as it should. Can anybody tell me why the front pipe has been added, the timing casing is definately made to have something fitted to the hole, but I cannot see any mention of this in any manual or see this pipe fitted in pictures of other dnepr engines. see atttached photos Any expert help would be gratefully received Cheers - Dave
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