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  1. run yamaha ybr 125. added soviet bicycle from 80es (11 kg) for dry weather . sidecar dnepr last run was in 2016 used yacht on yhe blocket.se are from 1000 usd. ready for go. not need any papers for fun. My buddy bought one and get fun now with wife and two dogs. But he was already couple times on the Novaya zemlya by self-made playwood boat. https://zen.yandex.ru/sevprostor
  2. russian. 50$ +reg.post
  3. https://pp.userapi.com/c840726/v840726086/69ae1/B_qz9NgISlM.jpg 13.07 icebreaker Lenin in Murmansk ...and final party
  4. sometimes meeting white sea. kandalaksha- varzuga near end of the road.. sidecars in Karelia I mean are free. from trash.
  5. in Russia used dnepr wheel with 40 spokes cost less than 10 spokes in shop
  6. or use long ural spoke, cut it, make hook replace cup
  7. Cut the shaft in a middle then weld it as long as need.in conductor. Check lenght without rubber washer.
  8. Long frame began from MT-9. First bike with reverse gear..1971
  9. Semi-dry better drink but morning give heavyer feelings if start sleep little drunk..
  10. Red dry wine against depression.i use
  11. they could buy old cheap urals in Estonia (delivered from Russia) for private use...
  12. estonia. back view is Ivan -gorod (russia). this reason Putin occupate Crimea...
  13. Abandoned early 634 ....100 mls north from previous one.
  14. Saw yesterday. Somebody from nearest garage bought it. I didnt ask price. 1984. 1620 km o'clock
  15. P.s. rusiian punk alive. Konstantin Stupin ( shouid be on tube)
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