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    Batesville Indiana

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    2002 Ural Tourist
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    Purchased a 2002 Tourist in October 2001 from Wagner's Cycle when the 750's came out to have my 5 year old son Joseph ride with me. I was lucky enough to get a picture of us on the 750 poster back in 2002. I still have the bike and last June rode in the GOTU rally in Kansas attended the 2002/03 Ural Fest as well as the SPITS Rally in Abbeville a few times looking to upgrade my Ural this year and would like to ride part of the TAT in late July 2017 from TN to Colorado with my son on his DR350S who is now 20 yrs old.

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  1. Should correct the title flat tire on the trial with Russell Torrens he changed the tire in record time!
  2. Uralphantom

    2016 GOTU Rally

    Gathering of the URALs in Kansas
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