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    mt9, mt10 outfit, sidecar wheel drive needing side valve engine
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    bought my first mt9 for $450 in the crate from sabre cycles Sydney in 1974, still have it, goes well, also have good mt10 outfit, and nearly a whole sidecar wheel drive outfit needing a 750 sidevalve engine and gearbox

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  1. I have most of a sidecar wheel drive Dnepr, and would like to install a 750 sidevalve engine, preferably of Russian or Ukraine origin, but might consider chinese, mt12 would be great, tom toad, 08-9571804, tomrose983@bigpond.com
  2. I want a 750 sidevalve engine/ gearbox to complete my sidecar wheel drive outfit, it did not come with one, I don't want to stoop to a chinese one, no offence, the outfit is otherwise complete, tom 08 95718043
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