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  1. Yes, I would also like a complete set. Please email me deatails at fallalotesq@gmail.com and I can send cash by PayPal or mail you a check, whichever you prefer. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I know this post is really old but wondering if you still have any patches? Thanks.
  3. I am brand new to my Ural and have only been on it locally. It is different than a 2 wheeler and I opted to put one of Sean's stabilizers on right away. I reached out to Sean and he immediately responded, the stabilizer shipped that night and it was at my house a couple days later. It went on easy (much easier than a Scott's dirt bike stabilizer) and the rig rides great. Granted I am new to 3 wheels but I feel pretty confident that it's a big improvement. I think it was a great investment.
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