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    I have a 1994 URAL 650 1WD SIDECAR, And a 1961 Chang Jiang 750 M1 (6V Sidevalve)
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    Always been interested in Russian bikes, And recently bought a 1994 URAL 650 1WD with a sidecar.. Just added a chang Jiang to my collection of "motorised got to have things"

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  1. Hi there you people of the Russian Iron community😀 I am finally back to torture you with my silly questions and thoughts regarding Ural motorcycles😁 After a divorce and the selling of my bikes.. (Because life after a divorce often leads to selling all you have just to pay the bills🙄) A couple of years has gone by, And I miss my Ural 650 equipped with a "LL fork"<3 ..Maybe its time to buy a Ural again? I hope that I will find a new project soon🤔.. To be continued😉 

  2. Yes, I asked him what he meant with "All parts needed for 2wd" And it turns out that the kit is complete
  3. Hi again :-) I got the LL-Fork, mounted it to the bike ..Very easy job ..Took about one hour from start to finish, But a friend to hold wires and things out of the way is a nice option.. Now i have about 1000 km of "highway/Off-Road" Driving experience with the fork, And my own personal opinion is that it is a better fork than the telescopic one all the way (At least for me and my driving). The first thing I noticed was the slightly increased ground clearence .. Then I noticed that the bike and I had a MUCH smoother ride on both gravel and asphault :-) I highly recommend this fork, Its a very good upgrade for the Ural :-) Now Im thinking about the 2WD conversion, A guy offered me a brand new 2WD setup with all parts needed .. Its not overly expensive, But i dont have that kind of money to spend on my Ural right now so I have to wait for a while .. Today im going to replace the ball bearings in the steering head with "Made in Japan" roller bearings.. I will let you know how that adventure turns out ;-)
  4. Thanks for the info about the different types of LL forks available :-) I have just ordered mine from a man calling himself "Ural Timur" (Soviet Motorcycle Shop) On Facebook, It seems that he has a lot of new/used parts available for most russian bikes .. I payed 400usd for the fork, Shipping to Norway was included. I might consider customising the fork if needed :-)
  5. Finally im back in business again after a minor set back, As you all know the pistons are made of butter and they had to "melt" eventually I honed the cylinders and changed the pistons and rings, And everything is ok with my Ural again I will keep you posted about the LL-Fork Project as soon as i get the fork
  6. Anyway, For those who are iterested to know more about how this LL fork and 2wd conversion is getting along, Stay tuned
  7. Im sorry to see that you deslike my way of thinking Peter .. But i must inform you that im NOT going to get rid of the drum brake, Because the LL fork kit is delivered to me complete with DRUM BRAKES, Fender, Fender guard, Mud flap, Shock absorbers and the dreaded LL fork ... If you take your time and look at one of my previous posts on this subject, You will see thats the case .. I Respect/Accept your meanings/Feelings, And expect you to Respect/Accept mine .. I will proceed my adventure, Even if im being referred to as a "Blind man" Because being blind dont mean that im a Idiot Thanks anyway
  8. Im not sure, But i think the Urals came with the tapered bearings in the steering head/Head stock from the factory from 2008 and up? (Correct me if im wrong) I havent thought about why before, But i can feel that my front brake is pulsing slightly when im braking hard (Feels like the brake drum has a rusted spot, Or is out of round) I went out this morning to take it for a spin just to take a closer look at what really happens... My brakes needs attention/adjustment (Thats no secret) But it looks like the fork is twisting when braking hard and acting like a spring (Twisting left and right when the brake starts pulsing) The "Spring effect" Acts as a "amplifier" on the pulsing brake, Making the problem worse than it really is... For me the Anti Dive effect on the LL is both a blessing and a curse, Because when braking i want as much weight over the front wheel as i can get, My own experience with the Anti Dive effect on other bikes with the LL system is that it tends to make the bike lift in the front (Only when braking) and force the weight of the bike to go more towards the rear making it to loose grip on the front wheel .. (This is felt especially when riding on gravel) But on the other hand, It will also make the bike more stable in other situations.. On the positive side of things, I think that the LL will be able to give me a smoother ride over the "washboards" when both accelerating and braking Thanks to all of you for being understanding and helpfull The link that you Mike Goldthorpe was so kind to ad in your post looks interesting If I understand this right, Then those bearings are meant to be a Replacement/Retrofit for the older type of bearings in the steering head/Headstock and will fit my bike?
  9. Thats great The guy with the LL fork said that the fork will fit, And now youre telling me what bearings to use and where to get them Thanks Looks like i will experience first hand what the difference between the two forks are this winter I can always put the old fork back on the Ural if i get tired of the LL .. It may take a while before I can say anything about how the LL fork works out, Because I got to tear the engine apart and change some of that noisey old "Banana steel" bearings.. I will keep you guys updated on this with pictures and more annoying questions in the future
  10. BTW.. I forgot to ask.. ... Isnt it possible to just remove the outer race of the bearings on the steering head, And just put the other type of bearings in it like on any other bike?
  11. Thanks to all of you for trying youre best to answer my questions I imagined that the LL fork was a little more forgiving than the Telescopic one.. To make a long story short i thought it would absorb the "washboards" in a better way than the telescopic one, But that may just be in my head I got a Ural and i got nothing against Dnepr, But there is not a lot of them around where i live.. I have heard that some people say that the Dnepr is a far better animal in many cases, A good example is the driveshaft for the sidecar being at a forward angle on the Ural and going just straight across to the sidecar hub on the Dnepr... Or the rodbearings that are slidebearings on the Dnepr vs roller bearings with cheap aluminum alloy cages on the Ural ..The list goes on.. But i have a Ural, And i intend to make the most of it I have contacted a man who lives in Russia, He has a brand new LL fork with drumbrakes, fender and fenderguard for sale (CHEAP!!) I asked him what type of bearings its made to fit, And im waiting for him to check that and reply.. If it doesnt fit my frame, Then its obvious that i will settle for the telescopic one and be happy(Dont know if im willing to do any machining to the frame or fork to accept different type of bearings, Because it will be a pain to de-customise it later if and when i find out that the LL fork was a "Bummer") When it comes to the 2wd conversion ..I got to say its a rather expensive adventure ..but the cost for a Gear Up (Where i live) , Or the availability of a Dnepr (Where i live) is also a factor .. Who knows.. Meanwhile,
  12. Ok. I just want my Ural to be as easy to handle as it can get. My right arm refuses to cooperate after i damaged some of the muscles in both the upper and lower arm, Thats why ;-) Does the dnepr system fit on a ural? Is it easy to find parts for it?
  13. Can someone tell me if the "Leading Link" front fork is a "Bolt on deal" for my 1994 Ural 650? If so, Will the stock 18 inch wheels from my bike fit? Its got a telescopic front fork from the factory, It handles like you would expect on the road, but if i go Off-Road its .. Lets say a little shakey? :-P I like to go Off-Road, But the handling with the telescopic fork.. Feels like its flexing, And the fact that it is a 1wd makes almost every trip a little more of an adventure than i care for.. Personal I think that changing the front fork to a "LL" is one of the best improvements i can do to enhance its ability to go in "ruff terrain" without beeing so hard to handle. I love my Ural, Its a "Keeper" and i dont mind doing some "adjustments" to it so it will fit my needs when going Off-Road ;-) Do you think its worth the investment of a LL fork? And how about a 2wd conversion?
  14. :-D Thats the kind of trip im planning to do in the future, Maybe next year? :-) A guy who lives in my neighbourhood said he would try to make room for a sidecar tub in his car (Toyota Hi-Ace) on the way back home from poland next month, So there is hope :-) If the tub from poland fails to arrive, Then its time for my backup .. There is a guy on Facebook who sent me some pictures of a complete sidecar in ok condition (Two small dents) Only problem is that he lives 800 miles away, Shipping in Norway is very expensive and i dont have time to take a day off from the farm to go get it myself either. .. If that fails to, Then its beginning to look like i will run solo to Russia ;-) Thanks for the advice
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