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    Dnepr k750m and sidecar
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    after owning MZ and CZ I finally have the bike I've wanted for so long.

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  1. thank you for the replies. I've a new generator coming, and have p302 regulator on the way. I read about the deep cycle battery total loss ignition and it appealed to me after reading about all the hassle people have with the charging system. would anyone have a simple diagram for 12v total loss? does the timing cover need to be removed when fitting generator, or can it be fitted without removing it? getting the fit between the gears worries me a bit. I'll let you know what happens anyway.
  2. Hi, just recently got my first Dnepr K750 1972 I'm having trouble with generator not charging. I've been reading about 12v conversion and total loss for this bike. Are there any Dnepr owners who have tried either total loss or 12v conversion and what results did you have? Does anyone have a diagram for total loss conversion? Ta.
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