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  1. I’m jealous, I’ve been looking for a K750 to restore! Best of luck and enjoy every minute.
  2. Interesting. I purchased the K65ts only because I felt they looked the part compared to the Mikunis on export models. The bike runs well with them with very good throttle response but I’m still working through the vagaries of starting which can range from one kick to many, temperature dependent. Mine are Pekars and I understand from this thread that they are better than Chinese reproductions. This has been my experience with all Chinese reproductions of Dnepr parts and I no longer purchase them. Im still confused about references to o rings. My Pekars (2017 vintage) have ta
  3. If it was running fine when you put it away I don’t suspect the timing changed or compression was lost while it was stored. If you have spark, compression and fresh fuel in the carburetor bowls it should want to start unless the jets and/or mixture ports are fouled. After five years of sitting I’d focus on ensuring clean carburetors.
  4. Well, back in Canada now and time to finish the project, assuming that a Dnepr can ever be finished. I figured it would be a positive sign from the Great God of Dneprs in the sky if it would start after 14 months in the shed. A few hiccups was all I got, and a worn out leg from the kickstart. Ok, best do it the right way. I replaced the dubious gas in the tank and removed the carburetor bowls. Left carb was full of water...got rid of that and primed with fresh fuel. Still just hiccups. Disconnected fuel hoses at carbs and found fuel not flowing as it should. Blew out petco
  5. Sorry, 50 percent might be overstating the issue. Maybe 25 percent of the time it will lock, usually when traffic is piled up behind....
  6. It is a good way to get to know the bike and can’t hurt to have a look at gearbox components in case a bit of attention is due here. Your problem might actually not be a problem. The lack of engagement is inherent to Dnepr gearboxes and I assume your gearbox is of similar design to mine. In fact, the MT10 owner’s manual states that the motorcycle should be rocked back and forth when this occurs to change the relative position of the kick lever quadrant gear and shaft gear when this occurs. It happens to me 50 percent of the time. Theses gears are roughly machined - I’ve tried hand fili
  7. Thanks 3 bike mike, I will. Trouble is I’m in Greece, my beloved bikes are in British Columbia and the airlines are shutting down. Saw a cute fishing boat that I might fill with beer and potato chips then head for the Strait of Gibraltar...
  8. I’ll have updates in the summer as I’m working overseas until June. I did recently order some more parts so they are waiting when I get back to Canada, looking forward to finishing the project. Well, not sure you can really finish a Dnepr but we can try. If anyone knows where to find a set of rubber bushings for the sidecar swing arm it would be appreciated. ND
  9. Sounds like the flywheel from hell. Have you a photo of your setup with the pullers? ND
  10. I assume the clutch is removed and the flywheel retaining nut and you are facing a stubborn flywheel. They are a tapered friction fit and others have had difficulty as well. Mine came off easily with light tapping, then rotating etc. Other owners have applied heat to the flywheel around the center, then rotated and tapped with a hammer while increasing puller tension. It’s a bum job but enough tapping and heat and turning will eventually win the day. Best of luck. ND
  11. How snug is the fit between oil pump gear shaft and bush? Wear in either? Can you pull that bushing, rotate and press it back in? Looking forward to the results of your cylinder work. Are they honing ore boring? Regards ND
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