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  1. I bought new powder coated rims and spokes from Henriksson.ee. Can't remember what it cost but I do remember he was bringing them into Estonia from the UK. Excellent finish, not a scratch to this day. One of the four rims had a bit of an irregular surface where the seams are welded but honestly still very good quality. The original rims were so corroded bending was out of the question. Scary. ND
  2. Making your own harness is good fun but also forces you to understand each of the circuits, following on from previous comments I’d suggest drawing each circuit on paper, computer or whatever first so you have a work plan and record and something you can communicate to others if you get stuck. It’s not that difficult once you get stuck in and you’ll finish with a better product than the original with effort. ND
  3. Went for the first long ride this year, made up some new ignition wires which were dodgy before and finally have the regulator adjusted, sitting around 14v. Running very well, still have tweaking to do as ever. 200km in the sun, nice change after riding it in the rain and snow. Had a bad plug too, never happened to me before so running mismatched plugs until I can get another. Oh well. Best wishes. ND.
  4. Still have the wobble up to 30km/hr. The rig tracks perfectly straight at 50-60 km/h. Haven’t rechecked alignment yet but it can’t be that far off the mark. Went for 50 km in light snow today, had power steering here and there!!
  5. Adjusted toe in, mounted the tub, seats etc and took it for a ride. Slow speed wobble....not a tank slapper but difficult to manage until 30 km/h then it disappears. Stopped in parking lot to check head bearings and mounting bolts, everything seems ok. limped back home and looking at threads it seems it can be a number of things but some bit of wobble is normal and can be dealt with by getting the steering damper properly adjusted. Checked tire pressures, nipped up excessive slack in the sidecar wheel bearing and went for a 30 km ride, playing with damper. Seems a bit better but I’m also dealing with learning how to handle a rig, I’ve never ridden a sidecar before today. Arms are burning.... It could still be improper sidecar alignment or maybe it’s as good as it gets. I’ll ride some more and recheck alignment.
  6. Finally turned my attention back to finishing the sidecar, starting with new rubber bushes and axle for the swing arm. I had some difficulty checking the toe-in but as far as I can see there isn’t the 10mm specified in the manual. I’m relying on lumber for straight edges..... I’m tempted to road test it first because any adjustment will involve a torch and swear fest to free up the adjustable ball mount at the rear. If ok I’ll start working on the tub, interior etc.
  7. I use P45ts although the candlepower is pretty poor, they are only a few bucks. I recently tested an H4, note with a little work you can use an H4 in a P45t headlamp holder by swapping the wider base off the P45t to the H4 bulb. The connector is the same as we know. ND
  8. Thanks SB, in that case I’ll add it to my toolbox. Still learning....
  9. Why are Dnepr speedometers inaccurate? They are gear driven at both ends, secondary shaft in the gearbox meshed to a gear in the speedometer via the cable. Unless the tire diameter is considerably different than the design ratio I can’t see why they wouldn’t be accurate. But any system relies on an assumed tire diameter, I don’t understand. I’m running the stock speedo, can’t say hand on heart it gives me the correct speed but I’m running stock tire dimensions as well. ND.
  10. Great to hear Rod. Lapping in a petcock valve body was a new approach to an old problem. ND.
  11. I haven’t tried that Rod but your approach seems good, let us know if it works. ND
  12. Definitely. I found the same, whatever they used to chop the standpipe to length left the fuel entrance burred, partially blocked. ND
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