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    Rock Island, IL
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    Motorcycle Tourism<br />Engineering/Manufacturing<br />Disk Golf<br />Paintball-Action Pursuit Games (Woodsball, Scenarios)<br />African news<br />Innovative products<br />Low-tech enviro friendly systems<br />Solar/Wind/Hydro<br />Research Biodiesel for Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs

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    '06 Patrol (Green)...this is my break in for the bike so I can take it to West Africa.
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    Well if it really interests anyone. Well grew up bumming around trailer courts with my single parent father. Finally grew up, paid for college (Iowa State University, Industrial Technology with a Manufacturing Specialty, 2001 grad) and then took off for the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa. Spent my time in the African bush where I saw many Urals being rode by Germans. Got back in the country in July 2004 and went to work for Uncle Sam in the Chem/Bio arena. Finished up doing what I was doing for Uncle Sam and decided to go back to Grad School. Now I am currently majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration with my focus on Motorcycle Touring. Concurrently working toward a certificate in Community Development.

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  1. And I forgot a pic. Here is the newest member from the house
  2. Hey all, We have two Urals both with three people each participate in the Toys for Tots ride this year. Didn’t get many pictures but I got one of my two kids (who are rockin’ RIMC shirts) and the exchange students we are hosting. Collectively we had about 550 bikes and collected about 750 toys. Next event is the Trunk or Treat on Rock Island Arsenal, stay tuned for that ride event!! Ryan
  3. Hey folks!!! Sorry I have been off the grid lately. Here is a photo of the kids representing RIMC at the local ABATE Toys for Tots ride. And me with the latest addition to the family. Looking to expand the options on CafePress for some more items. Let me know!!! Ryan
  4. Cool! I found it through the cafe press site. I ordered a few things and it would be great if you could add the onesie too!! Needed to refresh my gear after all these years. I will keep a look out to see what other fun stuff gets added to the shop. Ryan
  5. Hey folks, what happened to the gear shop? I tried to get a onesie for the newest addition and I couldn’t find the gear. Who is running the cafe press shop now a days? let me know!! Thanks, Ryan
  6. I pulled out of the garage at -10F and rode for 45 min at 55mph. Only thing really got cold on me was my feet. Ryan
  7. Are you talking about the Blackhawk Antique Motorcycle Rally in Davenport Iowa?
  8. Hi Folks, I have been stuck in Iowa City for roughly a month and have seen a Gear Up parked at the stadium next to the hospital a few times now. If this is you, drop a reply or send me a PM. I would love to go riding or sit down and bs with you for a while. I will be in IC for roughly another month. Thanks, Ryan
  9. Being in the Energy Business I have had to study his manifesto. Not bad theory but actually implementing it will bankrupt him, even as rich as he is. Ryan
  10. I had to patch one on a Yamaha while riding in Africa. Never done it to my Ural yet.
  11. My wife and I used that same image for our Wedding Invitations. We picked it out of a book from the wedding planner.
  12. I tanked a Denso about a year ago this month. My bike was having some strange electrical problems ('06) so I gave up and took it to the dealer. After a nice weekend in Puerto Rico I returned to a new alternator installed on my bike. Never would have thought that it would have gone toasty. FWIW Ryan
  13. My wife and I are talking about riding up but I just got both pistons and cylinders replaced. Don't think I can break in the bike again in time but I will try. I am with you that I would like to associate some faces with the names on here. Ryan
  14. I spent some time down in Karls Vary just south of Prague. Great resort town with natural drinking holes. If you want to get away from the big city, take a swing down to there. Ryan
  15. Welcome to the board!!! If things go as planned you and I may be having beers together soon. Looks like I may be moving to Stuttgart in the near future. Ryan
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