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  1. Hey, Just thought I'd drop a quick note of some information regarding a speedo replacement for my 1981 Ural solo. In the past six months I have gone through three (original + 2 new spares) speedos. Issue is that intermittently the needle would just go crazy high. This would happen until the speedo would stop completely. I saw a post on here somewhere concerning a rear wheel driven speedo exchange and thought I'd give it a go....so I bought one of the Royal Enfield Bullett copies of the Smiths Chrono as well as the rear drive unit and a 66" cable. To cut a long story short, I have found that the speedo works perfectly (within +/- 2km/h from 0 to 100km/h when connected to the original cable coming from the Ural gearbox!...no rear wheel drive required. Hope this helps anyone with a similar problem.... Kev.
  2. Hi Jim, I am running a set of PZ28s on my M67.36 and am quite happy with how the bike runs. I am using brass floats and I think at the moment a set of 90 main jets (I'm at 1100m alt.) I don't have the lean idle issue that you seem to. From memory my idle mixture screws are about 1 1/4 out? Have you checked that the integral idle jet is clear? I used a very fine guitar string to ensure mine were clear when I set them up. Kev.
  3. Sounds like the ignition timing is way to advanced.....what type of ignition are you running?
  4. Just a quick update. After waiting a month for the federal department of imports to report back that their records don't exist pre 1988, and a further three weeks for the local RMS office to check with their VIN department, I was finally told that there was no reason that a blue-slip could not be given. So.....picked another unregistered vehicle inspection station, and tah-dah!.....rego completed. Cheers, Kev.
  5. Hi Jean-Luc, I have just completed a rebuild of a M67-36, on which I have used a set of PZ28 carbs. I had a non-start issue when I first set them up which I found to be a very lean air/fuel mixture....I just was not getting enough fuel into the engine to get it to start. I found by pushing down the 'tickler' until fuel came out from underneath the button, and opening the hand throttle just a fraction it would start. There is a really good document by Ernie on the PZ28 carbs here: http://cvkustoms.com/PDF/Part_2A-PZ-24_and_PZ-28_Carburetors.pdf (His whole site is awesome!....hats off to Ernie ) But just stepping back a moment, can you describe your non-start a little more? the more information the better... Cheers, Kev.
  6. I had a similar issue with my M67-36 when I replaced the original points with a new set (the new ones had the bar that can be removed)........with the new set, the adjusting plate had to be moved to the extreme as you have found. Maybe the position of the lobe is different between the two sets, or the locating flats are different between the two cams? My fix was to rebuild the old set.....now working fine......until I change over to the Type 4 contactless that has just arrived.... Kev.
  7. G'day Fellow Aussie Ural etc owners, Finally got my M67-36 all back together and running sweet....(attached photo). Went to get a blue-slip and I have hit a hurdle.....the green compliance plate (which I have found out is a Low Volume import plate), dated 12/83, does not appear on the NSW registry system. I know my bike was registered in Vic (but I do not have any paperwork to show it), but I cannot get any information out of VicRoads due to privacy disclosure laws. I am wondering if there are any other Ural owners out there with a similiar plate, or had a similiar issue that could help provide some information?....seems it would affect bikes pre 1st Jan 1989, when the import process changed. After this date, the Dept of Imports kept records, but before they didn't.....pre computer days apparently. Cheers, Kev.
  8. Hey There, I am wondering if anyone from Oz has any info on the RMOA ? I had a couple of emails with the secretary a couple of months back, but they seem to have gone off the radar?....just wondering if its still running? Cheers, Kev.
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