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  1. It is like Luca said grind them of carefully... But I think Russ's advice is Wright, leave them on. If you or the next person wants to put a sidecar on...
  2. Depending on where you are Richard off RB Motoren in Genemuiden Netherlands has a few laying around...
  3. If you want the original color you can order it at Arbalet Ukraine. But I don't know if you really want to do it because it is a lite nearly fluorescent green color. It is a bit like the green color used on engines of British Leyland... So I would go with the olive drape...
  4. Scotty, The beer, camping and a ride is exactly what we have in mind. The part off you being in the US...... could be taken care of, we have 2 connections one in the US and one in Canada. I live near the port of Rotterdam and could pickup bikes and store them if you send them here, so there are possibillaties..... There is however one problem, as you can see there is not mutch intrest for the moment and therefor we can not promice that the meeting will take place... Sunstroke
  5. wel Mike, As it is we have a couple of dates in minde..... weekends of 9-5-2020, 16-5-2020, 13-6-2020 or 20-6-2020 We have not decided jet and think it is best for the majority to decide. So let us know also witch date you prefer when you send us a message, on top of everything we want to know...... And of course if you have any suggestions for the meeting dont be shy..........
  6. Coming spring we are planning on organizing an international meet and greet Netherlands, the plan is there, just the people....... The meeting will be in the center of Holland near Zwolle but to organize it we need to know how many people are coming for camping sites, permits for a ride, parking etc. If you are interested on coming please let us know with how many people, way of transportation (on your bike ore with car and trailer) and if you want to spend nights at a camping site. You can leave your reaction at my messenger or uraldnepr.nl. If there is enough interest we will do our best to make it happen, if not..... it was still a da.... good plan.
  7. you can try; https://www.uraldnepr.nl https://www.dnepr-kiev.com https://www.dnepr-kiev.com
  8. Paul, I had the same with my K750. The Russian pistons sometimes have this problem as I understood... It seems to be the process of pouring the aluminum for the pistons... You can buy European pistons that should not have this problem....
  9. I don't know where you live but I get my parts at Arbalet or if in Holland Belgium RB motorcycles. With them I had no problems.....
  10. Welkom op het Nederlandse gedeelte van Russian Iron MC. Laten we er een gezellig forum van maken...
  11. they are nice cars, didn`t know them, but finding a diff off them is impossible I think....... So I think I will stick with the Susuki Jimny diff. I have seen a Honda goldwing with one and it looked good... As both the Goldwing and the Dnepr / Ural are not high rev engines I think it shood work. I know the gear ratio of the solo Dnepr diff sould be 9 x 35 but I can not finde the ratio of the Jimny, .....
  12. About that Bantam Diff ????...... Ford Bantam......has no Diff, a BSA Bantam........ has no Diff....... Why choose a Bantam Diff..... The flippingover off the diff is however usefull, so I don't have to take the rotation in consideration when choosing an axle. What about a Suzuki Jimny axle I can get them here in Holland and it looks good to machine it.. (strate tube)..
  13. This is what i could find http://motorcycle-74...totype-by.html. search for delco The trike on kbmtc is apsolutely beautiful, but too mutch newschool for me.... so.........
  14. thanks for sharing! I know about this one, but just saw some pictures. But it would not be me if i wanted something different,....... it was more or less the plan tot build a Delco trike. The back axle is however the big problem so i think that's the right way tot go. Does anyone have more information on that or ever build one.....
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