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  1. Okay, so what are the spare parts you need and are a problem? clutch?
  2. Sounds good! But, buying a bike on the web seems tricky.. how do you know the bike is good? people's opinion between buyer and seller can be huge..
  3. Thanks for your reply, a pity that the chinese parts are not of suitable quality.. A shame for the people who are dependent of them.. Can you fit a piston and rings from a different bike? How is the gearbox and drive line of these bikes? and the wheel rims? The ones my dnepr had were more or less oval.. had to respoke all of them with new rims.. also an important cost to the whole project..
  4. Hi everyone.. after owning a dnepr mt11, and many german and englisch bikes, i now only have 2 jawa's and an enfield.. and thinking for some time to get an izh- an older type, the type 2 is very nice, but would settle for a -4 also.. to keep the other bikes company.. But how to get one -secure- without getting a leg ripped off? I already understood that the single-planeta- is the way to go. But over here, in Holland, these bikes are very, very rare.. so also no experience.. I wonder what the weak spots of tehse machines are, and are spare parts a problem? I heard spares are made in china since so many izh-├ęs are still on the road? I hope this topic is catching on..
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