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    Sandnes ,Norway
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    Metal detecting, gold dredging, Rc planes ,Enduro motorbike riding.
    Not much of a night person but very much a motorbike person.

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    Dnepr K-650 1970 with sidecar KTM Adventure 620 1997 Suzuki Bandit GSF 400 1991 Kawasaki KLE 500 ( 1990 I think ) Honda NX 250 1990 Honda Cbr-R 900 1991 Honda Cbr Hurricane 750 1988 can't remember the others at this moment .
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    Long story short ,got the chance to buy one from Lithuania for 1500 euro, never saw one in my life before only in pictures. Bought it to drive slower to work daily and to take the family for short trips with it. Love it and will be loving it as I mess about and understand it better.

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  1. I have reached a dead end with the registration of this bike. Putting it up for sale for 1 000 euro without documents. I got a extra engine and a gearbox box plus some extra parts with it. Selling it as is but the bike is functional and in need for a look over. Buyer must come and see it, so that there is no miss understanding. will post new pictures of it and what I got with it in a couple of days.
  2. Thanks Vance :) This bike has serious of an attitude .. 4 hours I was working on it outside my house in the driveway, checking and cleaning things to take it for a short test drive. I go In my house to get the helmet left her for 5 seconds, then I hear a BANG... come out and she was gone.. It somehow decided to roll down 3 meters straight from my driveway, then take a sharp turn to the left, avoiding the concrete wall and smashes into our neighbours new car, that was parked in their driveway. WTF ... Lesson # 1 ... never leave a bike that has a side car ever .. in Nutral. ... especially a Russian one :)
  3. Hello everyone. So thought i would find my self a veteran Dnepr from Lithuania and transport it here, then make it Norwegian. The bike arrived a few days ago. Never saw it in real life and had no clue of its shape. I got myself KMZ Dnepr K-650 1970-71. My first thought WOW !! Here are some pictures of it before I got it to Norway. Just wanted to introduce my self and share my bike with you all .. I have decided to call her FireFly
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