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    SE Pennsylvania
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    Military history and vintage rides, motor bikes (love the vintage look), my hounds and my shootin' irons!

    Military history specialty: WWII (GPW), Eastern Front.

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    2001 Ural Tourist. Black, Red Star with hammer and sickle. Her name: "Lyuba"
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    Looking to doing some work on her and taking it back to a vintage look including a coat of olive drab. 14 year military vet: US and Australian Armed Forces. Former heavy equipment mechanic who traded in his wrenches for working on people...in the healthcare field now.

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  1. I have noticed the same instances of missed key strikes and lag once I get a few lines into a post. Other than that it is fine.
  2. Not new to bikes but new to this one...'01 Ural Patrol. I'm going to keep it simple and take it back to a retro look, lights, paint - olive drab, ride it out to my military history events. No, it's not a WWII era bike but as close as I am going to get for the time being. I'm into sidecars and military bikes, and vintage vehicles in general. Love anything vintage, military or otherwise. Yep, my hobbies vary but military history (WWII period) when my dad and uncles all served is my area of main interest and participation. Having served for 14 years myself well, this hobby is the last thing I thought I'd getting involved in. I do have other plans for the bike besides my hobby like rides out to the lake with my wife and hounds, and spending some together time with my kids. Having been a wrench bender in the past and reading some of the posts on these forums, sounds like I will be busy tinkering a lot on this bike. Hope I spend more time riding than tinkering. My past experience with bikes has been motocross and hill climbs, some leisure riding, and work around the farm. Just hope bike is "Strong Like Bull!" Spent sometime as a track marshal out at Wanneroo Raceway, Western Australia back in the late '80's. My boss used to race sidecars. Got me interested in that. Crazy stuff running with your body and face inches from the ground! Gibbs and Bond had brass ones, mate! I'm in SE Pennsylvania, USA, if anyone is near enough to want to get together to ride, drink, or bend a wrench.
  3. Lobofuego, I think it's called apple cobbler in the States...but not collywobbles! At least not if it's made right.
  4. I know I am way out of date on this but I'm new and enjoying this site so here goes... We've got two hounds. A foxhound and a foxhound/bluetick mix. These two have strong instincts to track and chase an are often a challenge to reel back in. It is bred into them and mother nature is difficult to override. It takes lots of patience and training and it is still no guarantee. They are very smart but driven strongly by their instincts. For them, it is an itch you tell them not to scratch...good luck
  5. I've heard similar stories from some of my Russian friends. Vadim was a motor pool Sgt in Afghanistan back in the 80's. They hadn't gotten their vodka ration for a few weeks but heard if you strain brake fluid through black bread you could drink it. He spent nearly a month in the hospital..."damn near killed me!" he said. Making a long story short. He was out of the army 3 months later and lives in the US now. Alcohol was used as anti freeze in their vehicles and it was known to cause toxicity an blindness. They knew guys who would drink it but they never messed with that stuff. They would never have enough for their vehicles they said. Yuri, a BMP driver, said it was pretty wide spread.
  6. I have seen a similar rig that the wheel chair drives up from behind and onto the side car...kind of like a chariot. I think the back was a ramp that folded up to form the back of the side car. The wheel chair locked down on the floor pan somehow. Only thing is the wheel chair sits kind of high but it is a wheel chair transport and sidecar all in one. I work as a PT. Have seen some interesting adaptations in vehicles.
  7. Good luck with the conversion. Haven't lived in NSW since '88 and not in Oz since '90. Hope the conversion goes well for you. I used to live in Leeton and seem to remember someone with a LH drive car but I'm sure the rules for rego are different regarding automobiles. Too bad there isn't a special classification for imports and vintage rides. Keep us posted on your endeavours.
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