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  1. I have an old mt 10/36 & have picked up a mt9 motor complete i plan to strip it & keep the parts that will swop over, also have the gearbox with reverse but it was full of water & at some time the reverse gear had lost teeth so look's like some internal parts missing Will the crank / pistons and heads fit my mt10 motor i see the engine case & 6v generator wont fit but the rest look like a match :thumbsup!:
  2. Hi Ali, It's not always raining. was at the bmf a few weeks back & there was an old dnepr (not yours i see) but thats the only one i have seen since i have had mine, i have a dnepr 10/36 which i love to tootle around on don,'t see any ride out for us in the uk or am i wrong hiya wardy, haven't been ere for a while so just checked out back pages and see this post. am a southerner who migrated north to peterborough and returned south this year. every time ive been to matlock it's bloody RAINED !!!!!! glad that there are some more mad english ural riding fools that aren't afraid of the wonderful british weather and ride their bikes come what may. ali
  3. I feel like i'm the only Englishman left
  4. Just needed a good nights sleep went back & sorted it was a live missing :thumbsup!:
  5. My dnepr 10/36 has a 6 wire regulator, i have got a avr559 regulator but not sure what goes where, on the bike i have 2 earths 1 charge light wire 2 black from the alternator & an ignition live but have only managed to get it to charge & 17v :flame-on!: Reg has two coils both with twin points any help would be good
  6. I am going through the bike & last thing to do is the oil trap, I have not done this before & would like to know what it involves & how long it takes on a 1982 dpner 10/36 Regards Mark
  7. By the replies it's no wonder i don't see many
  8. I live nr matlock in derbyshire & dont see many of our bikes about & looks like a lot of you guys are in the good old usa
  9. Thanks for that have put 20/50 in the engine & getting 55/60 at idle & 75 if i rev it cant believe it ran on less than a liter of oil but sounds like i got away with it . The oil light switch was broken so i did not know if the oil light was on or not as for the voltage i will run with light on as looks more stable & i am running on a car battery in the side car fitted to a peugeot 309 battery tray
  10. Hi all new to this site & new to m/c & sidecar (ride home was fun) . I have a 1984 dnepr 10/36 rode it home well made it 4 mile then it stopped (no spark )changed coil & got it home . My problem is when i changed the oils the gearbox oil was biscuit colour (has water in it) but when i drained the engine oil i got less than a ltr out 'engine sounds & runs fine but for peace of mind i want to check the pressure . Also i find that the battery voltage is 16v when i rev it & 13/14v with the lights on' think this is why i had blown the coil on the way home but the regulator looks new has anyone else had this problem, thanks
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