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  1. Hi. We will be over your way 1st 2 weeks May to catch up with Graham & Julie then up to the Flinders or somewhere. Cheers, Rob Clarke. Albury. www.briardalebnb.com.au

  2. Howdy, I got my Tacho from Terry Crawford, Ural Dealer, Great Service, just bolt on wire up, with the exchange rate at the momment, its good value. Regards David.
  3. Hi Graham, How did you go with the tyres? Will be looking for a tryre or two soon, Any leads will be much appreciated. Regards David, Victor Harbor.
  4. Any idea what the genuine cover goes for? I was thinking of getting one... I did get a cover from Ural Australia, cost was $250 plus 10% gst, postage. The problem was it was for a right side chair, I was not told of this, It didn't fit. So I sent it back, So it cost Me postage both ways $40. I was not happy about it. David.
  5. Thanks, What we have come up with is two solo covers, Karen can saw, with a little trimming hear and there I think will look ok. David, South Australia.
  6. Thanks for the feed back, will chase something up. David.
  7. Howdy, Looking for Weather proof, Ural outfit Cover, for leftside chair rig, Anybody making them? David B, AUSTRALIA.
  8. Lucky bugger, we have been riding since last year, Never seen another Ural. Dave, Victor Harbor.
  9. HI, The air box and exhaust are Modtop Performance, Good stuff. the air intake is from the bottem,Can it be changed? I would say not without some modification, might be best to make your own to suit your needs, or talk to Dan at modtop. as it is, it works fine and bolts straight on, no fuss. The rear indicator, that was my idea! now have to change the front one, still thinking. Dave.
  10. Howdy Guys,hears a few pics of my 2008 Ural, with a few changers,Cheers David.
  11. Hi Graham, Strips look Good, If I can Ask Who Done them for You? Regards David, Victor Harbor.
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