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  1. got my 9.35 gears from IMZ Dnepr and installed them in my MT11 they work great solo big improvement over the 8.37 gear here in West Virginia its all mountains so it does mean a little more shifting but I like them when hitting the flat ground
  2. anyone tried the Mikuni carbs on a Dnepr 650 if so what size and results and what kind of adapters would be needed,had them on a 1998 Ural 650 and they were great
  3. problem solved,another bad switch making contact when it shouldn't on both points
  4. any ideas on differential gearing for an MT11 solo want to try one of mine as solo 9.35 or 10.35 anyone out there tried this and if so what are the results
  5. just get some think wall pipe and cut accordingly its not that crucial
  6. just put a new wiring harness on one of my MT11s and both handlebar switches everything works as it should except when I put the headlight switch to full headlight it will burn the orange wire to the switch and blow the top fuse am not getting current to the yellow wire on the switch,have tried three sets of handle bar switches and same thing wiring is all done according to the wiring schematic in the Dnepr manual anyone got any ideas?
  7. problem solved on the heat was running my carbs to lean one turn on the air screw seems to work well and the heat is down to three hundred
  8. no problem with the 68 carbs was running the air mixture to high cut the air screws down to one turn and she runs nice and good throttle response thanks for all the input and advice tough
  9. when you got hose 68 carbs did you have to adjust the float level when new I didn't check my level as they were new from the box will try that next
  10. yep I have the stock filter with the sock so will try it without any filter for a short ride and see what happens
  11. I am running new pekar 68"s but will maybe check the float levels as I didn't do that when I got them just a thought the 65's had walbro needes but I swopped them out for 68's these bikes are like old Harleys always carry tools in your pockets
  12. when I let off the throttle a little it regains if I poke the throttle it starts to die more so if I let the rpm's drop to much before shifting down if I let the rpm's drop too much I have to shift as it wont pick back up
  13. one of my MT11's runs super until about three quarters throttle more so on a hill and then it starts to bog down if you give it throttle slowly it seems to pick back up but if you let it pull down too much then it will bog and loose power seems if you keep the RPM's up its better
  14. this bike now has a new home here in WV turned out to be a nice machine after a good going over and a few bucks runs like a champ and goes down the road well no complaints on this one
  15. I found finding a qualified machinist that does things the old way are far and few between these days
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