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  1. Purchased this bike from Red October Cycles in 2006. I've owned and driven since then, probably less than 100 miles a year around town. Runs great. A few dents on the bottom of the sidecar. No issues everything works like it should. Starts first kick every single time....go figure. Last maintenance I did on the bike was the crank seal and a new clutch. That was a few years ago. TONS of new parts on this bike. I've put quite a bit of time and money into this machine, since I've kept it 11 years it was worth every penny. It's a true military model (has the stamp on the frame), it's 2WD and it comes with hundreds (literally shelves full) of spare parts ranging from generators to new fenders and suspension components. It's not a museum piece, but it's a good driver with easy museum quality potential. Price, with all the spare parts is $7500. How did I come up with this price? Supply. Good old Dneprs getting tough to find. Much harder than in 2006. Plus some $$ worth of spare parts. All the russian manuals/etc. Would be happy to Skype/Facetime if long distance. PM me for more info. Thanks, Curt
  2. Welcome back! I would stock up on parts but I already have a few shelves full and I'm selling my Dnepr (too many vehicles).
  3. I have three wheels for sale. One is the old style bottle cap, others are newer style Dnepr wheels. If interested I'll send pics. Shipping may be expensive I'm in Mass.
  4. What's worked for me over the last several years is running the carbs dry before shutdown. Tradeoff between drying out gaskets, etc. As long as you ride it somewhat regularly not a big deal.
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