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    Ashford, UK

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    K750 1971', sidecar, reverse gear, sidecar drive
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    My first russian bike was Dnepr MT-9, 1969', now I'm happy owner of K750 1971'. I've rebuilt engines by myself, added reverse gear and sidecar drive. This is my hobby.

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  1. Delivery to USA about 60-70 pounds (100$)
  2. Gregg, DP28 -£300, MG42-£500, plus delivery. I'll add pictures soon. Thanks
  3. UK customs checked these guns few times on their border, without any problems, they knew it was fake gun for military events.. Courier form ask what's inside anyway.
  4. Nice replica of DP28 Dekatriev machine gun and MG42 german one for sale. Nice to have on your sidecar :-) Regards Mirek
  5. I use Digitech electronic module. I haven't repaired any Izh, so maybe Izh owners know the best solution :-)
  6. New, original coil costs about £50, but as harleych said, to run your bike without any problems the best way is to buy a coil separately and electronic regulator. I drive my K750 (and previously Dnepr 6V) on that without any problems. If would you like to do this, contact me and I'll send you some sketches how to install it and all costs. (used coil costs about £15).
  7. I'll check it for you. I've bought my bikes from Poland,(where I'm coming from) and still buy all parts in our country.
  8. I'm afraid not in US, but in United Kingdom.. If you need any parts to your bikes, I can find it for you quite cheap, there is a huge market of russian bikes in Poland (I'm Polish), and thousands od parts for any russian bikes. Regards Mirek
  9. Hello !! I just joined to your great forum! I'm driving k750 with sidecar (sidecar drive, reverse) stylized for BMW R71. I'll upload my bike's pic soon. I'm going this year for War and Peace in Folkestone (UK) with my bike. At the moment I've got for sale a replica of MG42 and DP28. If any of you would like to have it on your sidecar- please let me know. They are legal, so I think, there will be no problem with postage. baaamh1@gmail.com if you want to contact me directly. Regards Mirek
  10. hakin1

    Untitled Album

    My Dnepr MT9 69' and K750 71'
  11. hakin1

    hakin1 (MIREK) Dnepr and K750

    Dnepr MT9 69' and K750 71'
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