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  1. Nice rack! (haw haw) I think I had one of those on my Yamaha. It'd be clearer to say "follows the curve of the fender" as opposed to "lines up perfectly" since it's not going to line up with any stock holes on the rear fender used for the Ural rack and therefore will require drilling of new holes to mount.
  2. SOLD!!!! I picked up a real nice 1966 BMW R60/2 with a R75/5 engine conversion. Originally I was planning on splitting up my Retro to mount the hack on the BMW and sell the tug as a solo. The lords of Russian sidecars showered me with good favor (ow was it cheap vodka) and I found a local rider selling off the Ural hack that he had mounted to his Triumph, so now I can keep "Shadow Boxer" whole and sell her with all three wheels intact. In July 2008 I flew out to WA and pulled this beast out of the crate along with the fine folks at UralNW, assembled it and shipped it back east. I've performed all the required maintenance and she's in great shape. Always stored in a garage and always battery tendered. Never unridden for more than 3-4 weeks at a time. ~4300kms on the clock and running like a top. Things I've added/modified from the stock Retro: The bike: -Rejetted the carbs to deal with typical factory lean settings -Added a K&N Air filter -Added wide/flat Flanders sidecar bars with pullback risers -Added bar end turn signals -Removed all the stock "stalk" signals, wired left flasher into the appropriate - but unused - position in the bike tail light and retained right flasher in the hack taillight -Replaced stock chrome mirrors with black quick adjust mirrors -Added a Rich Maund's custom molded Retro saddles in the rider position -Added a second solo seat in the passenger position -Added a nifty retro pedestrian slicer to the front fender with a custom painted IMZ750 (in cyrillic) tag. -Added a classic Russian batwing fairing which I have modded to utilize quick release hardware that takes less than a minute to put on and take off as mood (and weather) dictates -Added leg shields The hack (the Retro's "deluxe" Ural chair has interior cloth panels, larger more comfy seat cushions and nicer chrome button head hex screws all around as well as a lower profile) -Added a George Butz custom spotlight which I haven't wired in yet (also comes with a yet-to-be-installed fuse block with lighter outlet and relay for switched power) -Added a black fuel container and bracket -Added a spare tire carrier and rack (note: I will most likely retain the spare tire so that I can swap it out for the 19" that came on the hack that I'll be mounting on the BMW) -Added the front beefier Canadian chrome bumper -Added a Heindl Engineering rear bumper -Added a seat belt for bringing the little ones along See here for pix: http://gallery.me.com/touchguitar#100021&a...k&view=grid I have lots of spares including a dozen or so Russian oil filters, a few EMGO filters (no problem getting these in and out on this rig), spare bulbs for all lights, the original bars, turn signal stalks, solo seat, seat pads, tail rack, etc. Looking to get $10K, but willing to entertain reasonable offers including taking off some of the extra bits (bumpers, rear seat, luggage rack, fairing) and either reusing them on my BMW rig or selling them off separately if the buyer wants to get the price down a bit. [Note to those who want to make offers on these extras, I want to try to sell my baby as is first and will only sell any extra bits that the rig buyer doesn't want.] -A
  3. Next Saturday is the annual Classic & Vintage Day/Flea Market at Bob's BMW in Jessup MD. Last year Peter, Michael and I met up there and had fun with UDF-struck folks and then rode out to Annapolis for lunch. More info on the event here: http://www.bobsbmw.com/events.html#vintage Who's up for it this year? -A
  4. At least a couple of us are planning on being there.
  5. For anyone who cares to join in, I'll be at Bob's ~1000. -A
  6. Here's proposing a meetup next Saturday. It's Bob's BMW's annual flea market: http://www.bobsbmw.com/events.html#market I'm thinking of hitting the flea market around 10:00 and then taking a leisurely scenic backroads route out to Annapolis hitting the Ram's Head Roadhouse in Crownsville on the way: http://ramsheadtavern.com/roadhouse/ Who's in? -A
  7. Yep, Using the RAM mount that comes with the 550. -A
  8. I received a postcard for this year's Cycle Show at the Fairgrounds in Timonium, MD next weekend. It shows Ural (twice) on the list of manufacturers. Now for those not familiar with this show, for the most part it's a dealer/private vendor bike show, as opposed to the Cycle World IMS shows which are more of an industry trade show. Does anyone know if there's a Ural dealer attending?
  9. The carbs on my old Yamaha V-Star 650 has notoriously crappy Philips head screws too. I found that the easiest solution after stripping the heads was to get out my Dremel and give it a nice big new slot that I could use a slotted driver to remove - and then replace with decent screws. -A
  10. Count me in for at least one of these in both short and long sleeve.
  11. Aether

    New Accessory

    Introducing our new hack monkey. Our son Robert was born at 6:40pm this past Saturday October 18th. Weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 14oz and 20.8" long. He was nearly a week late in arriving and needed some extra assistance due to his massive hugeosity. Mother and son are doing great and should be coming home today (in the 4Runner, not the Ural).
  12. It's made by the folks at Heindl in Ohio. You can find it about 3/4 way down the page here: http://www.heindlengineering.com/Online_Store/Ural_Parts.htm
  13. Some pics of our new 2008 Retro
  14. Does anyone know of a source for any classic look IMZ/Ural Tank Badges, such as?: These are much cooler than the "URAL" tank sticker on current Retros. -Adam
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