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  1. Hello, Craft dude. I think your best bet in the EU would be EAST HIGHWAY or OLD TIMERS GARAGE. Both are out of Poland I think. There is also Magnus Henrikkson out of Sweden or Norway....cant remember for sure. May not have spelled his last name correct. But all of these have hinged fenders available from time to time. I also have a K750. I got and old rusted one from Oldtimers Garage. I dont believe you will find a new re pop available. And if you did it would probably be worst than an old one. East Highway will do some leg work for you. Sourcing that is.Just sayin.
  2. Ive got a restored Dnepr 650 in denver that Id want aprox 6k for. Sold the sidecar. Not really thinking youd want to take it down any trails though.100% gone through.top to bottom front to back.No comparison to your Honda for a ride. Just saying. I agree with dmb and try one out first. Rented or borrowed for a short ride.Even in very good condition they are quite different of a ride compared to other bikes.
  3. Maybe double check the valve adjustment also. No tappy.
  4. Hi Jim. Sounds like pretty strict guidelines. Couple things that I think might help is to wrap the pipes in the asbestos wrapping cloth, and to change to street tires for the drive by if you dont already have them on. Retard the timing slightly sometimes gives a more subdued sound. Take off the sidecar for the drive by , if your allowed to test without.They can add a significant amount of noise while travelling. Pack some foam around the air filter to muffle the breathing of the carbs some may help. Hope that helps.
  5. Hello All! Have been asked by a machinist friend who"s helping me out with some botched machine work. If I could come up with the valve height specs on a MT11 650. Last machinist cut the seats to much, threw off the geometry and the valves side loaded and egged out the guides. My friend doesnt want to make the same mistake. I looked, and he also very closely at the small repair manual. Niether of us could see and actual spec. Seems like pages 50-51-52 are lacking this dimension.If anyone has this expierience could you include the points of measurement where taken from. Should they be any diff
  6. Its a shame that a few can ruin it for so many others. Having to dot every i and cross every t just to complete a transaction because of this kind of situation. Integrity doesnt seem to reign high for those few.
  7. I'll try to get a tutorial from a young work mate to post images. Not sure I understand the difference of photobucket compared to post image RacePres. In good time.
  8. Ok. Measuring diameter of the backside of the drivehub with a bore gauge where the felt ringed spacer is inserted. And comparing to a dial indicator measurement of the nose of the cover plate that drops into the bore. There is approx. A 0.010" difference. Ive been honing the bore with a brake cylinder hone and sanding the nose with emory cloth and it almost has enough clearance Clarence. A little more and we'll be golden. The felt ringed spacer is not used with a Ural rear drive. Instead they opt for a plain spacer of the same length but with a spiral cut in the outside of it for oil throw bac
  9. Ive given up on trying to load pics to this site. Too many hoops of fire and Im not a dog or a pony.😀
  10. Hi All. I have a k750 with a ural rear drive. The old drive hub that the ring gear is attached to was stripped off. As well as the wheel hub. So I got a new of both. The problem is the cover plate that the support bearing is pressed onto does not fit into the drive hub. The ural used a non felt spacer. The old one had a spiral cut for oil throw back. It seems the nose of the cover plate does not fit into the drive hub with clearance required for movement.I checked with several sites and the Dnepr and the Ural use the same part number of drive hub.Any thoughts. Machine the hub to fit( steel) or
  11. Hey all. How are you supposed to upload pics to the gallery?
  12. I can see your point there.it does seem to not being an issue overall when taking into consideration that these older vehicles are not pushed or used quite as hard as newer ones.Some minor adjustments with minimal reduced performance would probably suffice in most cases for unwanted effects of not using it.
  13. Since this topic has come up.....Ive done a little research. Seems very few that assert that lead has no lubricating effect can not quantify or care to expound proofs otherwise. On the same note there are few proofs to the contrary. Did note that one enviromental chemist who wrote a paper for Columbia university Jo Niragu asserts it to be a lubricant. Although I must admit a unconventional one. Not to reduce friction but like teflon to not allow deposits to adhere or " stick" to surfaces. Those that hold to one or the other overall would have a hard time showing imperical truths. Hope that hel
  14. I knew about the octane boost that it gave. Thought for sure it had a lubricant quality to it though. Could be wrong.
  15. I knew about the octane boost that it gave. Thought for sure it had a lubricant quality to it though. Could be wrong.
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