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    I have been increasingly interested in the ural brand, The machine has the style I like. I have been riding motorcycles all my life since the early 1970s. have had many. I am 50 years old and a Ural purchase would be my mid liffer. So to say.

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  1. Tank you. I'll give it a try.
  2. Unfortunately I am unable to figure out how to upload photos that I have taken. The file size for a photo is too large to upload. Any ideas? I would appreciate any advise. Milage is 10662.
  3. I'm sorry. The only mods were to the fenders. I didn't quite like the dirt bike look. It has been garage kept and never off road. It's only ridden around the area that I live in. I have two other motorcycles that I ride. I will add some photos soon.
  4. I was curious if anyone out there was looking for a Ural. I have a 2013 Gear Up that I want to sale. It has been bobbed and painted but is in great running condition. If there are any interests I will post more info. Asking $5000.00. My cell number is 910 358 1147. I live in NC. 28443. My name is Shawn.
  5. Thanks guys. I rode it yesterday and it seems t be running fine. It finally stopped raining long enough to get out on it. I didnt change any settings any where. I guess its ok. Not going to install the Tach Ill post a photo of the ignition this weekend. That way someboby may be able to identify it and offer upgrade advice. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Thanks Russ. Im afraid my ignition is a bit different but not sure which one it is. It has a flat round disc with a notch in both sides that is bolted into the camshaft end. This flat round disc in turn fits within a pick up that is wired to the coil. By loosening the bolt that holds this disc in place you can turn said disc to change the timing but I just need to fine tune it. I believe at 1500 rpms i should be able to see TDC mark in window with timing lite. Problem is I have no Tach. I would like to install one but dont know which one I should go with on the after market.
  7. Thanks Russ but now my question is how to properly time it. I have the 2013 Ural. I have a timing lite but it doesn't show RPMs do I need a Tach to set timing properly and is there a video out on this. I have seen a couple of videos but they are not exactly step by step. I'm stumped.
  8. I just upgraded my 201 gear up with the spin on oil filter upgrade. I have no tachometer and I need to set my timing again. I would like to ad a tachometer but am not sure as to what brand or type. I am not sure of my type of ignition. The bke runs but does not have the top end it had before swap
  9. I have recently modified my 2013 gear up and have a few part that I will not be using, The side car lamp the seat the engine guard that goes on left of frame rear fender rack the tail light the gas can rack and gas can ( the can has been painted red). email me with questions at shawnandleya@yahoo.com if interested.
  10. I have a rear fender rack from my 2013 ural if interested, It sits flat on fender, Best to email me shawnandleya@yahoo.com.
  11. wind shield still available,
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