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  1. How are those Kendas in the snow? Gotta know! Pete
  2. I'm down in Albany. Yeah I hear the knobbies don't last on the road - I need an all around tire that can go in snow, so I rolled 4 heidenaus into my deal. I hope to hear from the guys at ADK Ural soon - my bike should be arriving at their place any day... What are the Duros all about? Anyone got a model or a part # so I can look into them? I plan to put miles on her ASAP - not waiting for winter! Is the 2WD really dangerous on the astreet? Pete
  3. Bill's got to have the only lap robe in Florida...come on now man.... Any idea on the name of the French company who builds the sidecar enclosure? thanks in advance pete
  4. Found a pic of the tires - they look baaaaaaaaadd for snow and dirt...
  5. Just pulled the trigger on a Black 08 Patrol. The guys at Adirondack Ural were real easy to deal with. They also ordered 4 snow tires for me - some German jobs I haven't heard of. Anyone know what these are about? I checked out the Russian knobby and it is WAY too soft for any asphalt use. Hordenan tire, or something like that? Anyway, I'm excited. She's on a boat now, due in NJ Fourth of July, due at the dealer a few weeks later...can't wait. Pete
  6. SO GLAD to hear we're going year round on these bikes - keep the responses coming! Greenmachine, I'm using Gerbing jacket/pants liner, with socks and gloves, no controller - just on. Used the K1200S down to -10F, extended periods commuting 45 miles on the NYS Thruway @85mph, do I guess I'll be just cozy on the Patrol with that plugged in. Are you really using an open face with no windshield? I bow down to your style. I'm a full-face guy, so there you go. Yeah, I have a glove wiper, and I run an HJC snowmobile helmet with a heated shield. What if I get a really small, cool looking windshield? I dig your idea of skipping the sissy devices like windshields - just adds up to a lot of shield wiping in snow. If I get one I promise it will be the opposite of a barn door. YES on the Russian knobby x 3! I like the looks of that tire. Believe me, if it's not winter, I will sneak a ride up the occasional ski resort, as I like to now on the 1980 Honda XL500. I plan to split winter with the BMW and the Patrol, plus toodle my kids around and trail ride all year, so the knobbies are a must, don't you think? What kind of mileage do we get from the tires - should I just replace them every Thanksgiving? Is it just me, or are there no other tires in this size out there? I hear the bikes don't steer well in 2wd, so how are the in the snow when engaged? I would prefer the bike to drift controllably, like the Datsun 280ZX I learned to snow drive in. Let's say I want to take a ride in about 4" of fresh. How does she handle in 1wd? Is extended 2wd operation hard on the parts? I think I'll pass on the lap robe, if it's what I think a lap robe is. I'm still working out winter weather wear, but it will be waterproof and over Gerbings. I know where to find one if you turn out to be right on that one. On the other hand, I like the hippo hands. I never need them on the BMW, but I have a pair I used on other winter bikes. Thanks for reminding me to slap those on. Very good news on the Alternator. I'll post a total of what is to be connected later. If you ever need a frozen tooth thawed, try sipping Jack Daniels past it for a half an hour. Apply restroom hand dryer generously, then resume operation. Pete
  7. Well, for starters, you can ditch the radar detector. The rig won't go fast enough to get you in trouble unless you are really careless in a school zone. That should save you a few watts. Point taken!
  8. First of all, thanks, for the quick, friendly, reassuring responses to my post about the Patrol. I have decided to buy a Black 2008 Patrol, and now have some further questions. My idea is to use this as a winter vehicle in place of an auto, and I plan to take to the roads with it regardless of weather, barring ice, but especially in fresh snow (Yes, I have a winter car if needed). I plan to use the knobby tires in the Ural accessory catalog. I have yet to work out a windshield/wiper, so would like thoughts on that. This project has reached a point where I need to know more about the electrical capabilities of the bike. Specifically, how much does it put out, and will I have enough to run a few hundred watts of equipment? Will the Ural run a full Gerbing suit with socks/gloves, heated faceshield, as well an electric heater in the sidecar? Plus a satellite radio and radar. Should I scale back from using about 550 watts? Recently, I had been running all of this on a daily driver BMW with a similar charging output. Is the Ural any different? What, if anything, has been done to modify the sidecar for such use? Does anyone enclose the car, and if so do they heat it? I would like to be able to carry a passenger in the car comfortably. If my passenger was in heavy leather gear and proper boots and gloves, layered appropriately, how many blankets should I have in the trunk for her? Thanks in advance, Pete
  9. This is all great stuff. I called ADK Ural and they have a white patrol in stock and a black on the way. I will visit there next week and check on GU also. I have a full Gerbing so cold is not an issue - I've been riding my K1200S every day all winter, right down to -5F on the Thruway at night. Also have a heated snowmobile helmet setup - glad to hear the Ural can support all that junk. I've always been one to take to the roads in the snow - the worse the conditions, the better - 99 Jetta TDI w/ Blizzaks - I'm a great snow driver - I'm looking forward to piloting the Ural in the snow. Thanks to all and keep it coming - it's just a matter of time now...I'll be on the road by winter for sure. Pete PS - must I stop the rig to change in/out of 2WD? I'm guessing yes of course I do.
  10. Dude don't give up on the plow idea I'm with ya....
  11. Greetings members! I have decided to purchase a 2wd Ural as my next bike. I am a 20 year cycle vet with a lot of experience, mostly BMW. I own a 74 R90/6 with a Velorex, but it's not what I really want. Anyone wants to buy it, let me know. My intention is to get a patrol and outfit it for Winter use ( snow use! ). I also have 2 kids, and hope this will be a good rig to lug them both around. Right now I am envisioning the patrol with the knobby tires I see on the accessory list at Urals website. I am in the Albany, NY area. I visited the Adirondack Ural dealer last winter and liked the experience. Any feedback on the dealer? Will the patrol perform in the snow with knobby tires? How are the stock tires? Will the knobbys wear out too fast, or do they last a while? How much juice does the Patrol put out? I would like to run my full Gerbing heated suit, and also some other 12V accessories? Will she handle it? Are these bikes reliable? I expect to maintain her religiously, but aside from that, what problems should I expect? I realize these topics may have been beat to death on these boards, but I'm new here, so if you don't want to respond in great detail, you can direct me to the right threads. What's the best choice - Patrol or Gear-up? Thanks in advance, and I'm glad to be here. I hope to be car-free this coming winter, and the Patrol seems to be the machine to help me achieve that goal. Let the responses fly, and I'll start working on the wife immediately! Pete
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