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  1. (nicer if you speak french, though) Basically, I was watching French satellite TV and then this programme came on: Expédition Kachgar It is actually a documentary about two guys following the trail of "blue gold". Water. and they follow the road from China looking at water as a resource and how it is managed. This takes them to the water thirsty cotton growing desert planes of the "Stans" and then to the now totally drained Aral sea. All this is done by riding along on two hacks. One I think is CJ750. Ther other is a Chinese bike that I don't recognise! I like their filing style, attitude and seeing the places they traverse and the people they meet has give me major itchy feet!! Enjoy.
  2. I am not as seasoned as some on here as far as riding and working on these bikes is concerned, but I have been riding for quite a few years. I have owned my Ural since 2008: almost 3 years to the day. It's a 2007. I have had a few issues, but the vast majority have been because I can't leave my bikes standard and I have a few plans for my Ural. However, in the time I have had it, the only reliability issues that I've had which were down to the bike and not my tinkering were few: Getting the jetting sorted as the bike ran roughly, and a failed ignition pick-up switch. That's been it and only the latter left me stranded. The former was a just a pain to ride with until the bike was warm. So from my point of view I'd say that this later model has been reliable, although with a few quirks here and there, provided you are prepared to maintain it, and I've never really worried about just jumping on and riding it!
  3. Thanks for the answers, folks: very handy. I shall compare and if all is the same, then I know I can order that bashplate without it interfering with my slightly deeper sump. Martyn: I've heard about the deeper pickup tube, but I've not touched mine and all seems fine. The top level of the oil is the same as the standard sump according to the dipstick and I've never gone below the minimum line, so the existing oil pump supply pipe should be resting nicely in and drawing from the oil pool. My Sump is only about 300ml bigger...
  4. I am thinking of getting a manufacturered sump guard but I have a slightly deeper sump on my Ural, but not the factory deeper sump. Can anyone tell me how far past the lower frame spars does a standard oil sump on a 750 Ural engine extend?
  5. OK. So a little more than a standard Ural tank, bu still. Either way, it I were to use an alternative air suply conduit, I'd use the central tubular fram spar: it has a big bore. That would keep your air intake about the water line!
  6. So sorry to hear about your friend. As someone who has two dogs waiting at home, I can imagine how horrible it must be to have had to go through that. It puts a lump in my throat to comtemplate what you must be feeling. My condolences
  7. What?! You mean that tank that happens to be a Ural tank with a matt paint job?!? Ural spare prices suddenly seem reasonable!
  8. Found this link in another forum. I recognise the Raceways exhaust systems too! http://hammarhead.com/motorcycles/solo-x/ I like the minimalist look!
  9. A petition is not a bad idea: I think they have an over-inflated view of their market share. Either that or they know something that we don't: perhaps Ural's days are numbered and they're squeezing as much cash out as possible? Who knows? Assuming they want to stick around into the 21st century, and the marque is to build on its moderate success since new management came in, they will need to provide far better components on their bikes if they wish to justify their new prices, or drop prices accordingly: as much as I like going through my dealer, a Dnepr spares shop charges €2.50 for a filter that will fit my bike: not contest! All I know is, is that between spares, service intervals, tyres and fuel consumption, my rig is more expensive to run that most of the bikes I have ever owned (with the exception of my old TL1000s) and more expensive to run that my wife's car! That is not what I want out of a rig... Absolutely NUTS!
  10. I recently ordered some bits of the Sportman. Are Ural trying to lose customers with their new prices? I don't know how things are across the pond, but over here a Ural outfit, new, costs over €10K. That can get you a well decked out R1200GS, sportsbike, retro bike or cruiser from any of the big bike manufacturers. Or can get an existing bike hacked, possibly with change. So you'd think that, being a niche market, Ural would want to at least be competive price wise, by being cheaper than most: a little like Royal Enfield (€5000 or so OTR). Now, I also find that Ural recommend a retail price of €13 for an oil filter: What are they on? I could fill my bike with top end fully synthetic oil and the filter would still acount for about 45% of my oil change costs. At the moment it costs more than the 4 litre tub of mineral oil I buy! Insane! Certainly does not encourage me to keep buying OEM. Luckily, my dealer was understanding: these prices come from either Ural or the EU distributor, not him. Is it as bad where you are?
  11. Time for a shameless bump... Basically, if anyone has read my intro and has a thought on my idea, PLEASE tick a few boxes and vote!! The poll is very interesting to me as far as getting an idea of the appeal. So if you've the time to vote, I'd really appreciate it! TO all those who've offered their ideas and views: thank you very much!!
  12. Market will, absolutely, be crucial! We would need to work on a very sound support service without being intrusive to their experience... As for the Russian built bike quandry... well, I'd hope that we would have pretty recent bikes: after the improvements around 2005. That should help limit the chances of mechanical problems and any Ural affecionados , for example, would probably know the bikes were pretty sound and hopefully pout their minds at rest! At least that would be the plan!!
  13. That bike looks like it has spent a winter of riding in Estonia! The rust patterns are disimilar to my own!
  14. Some might opt for that, but would they be a majority? I think it is unlikely that many come all the way over here hoping to source a bike whose owner would hand over the keys for a few €€€. Then there are the more stringent EU laws. A punter would have no insurance, and no roadworthiness guarantees for the bike! I see what you're getting at but I can't say I feel that this alternative would a more attractive option to most potential customers.
  15. Wow! That is quite the entourage! I'd hope, with the possible exception of roadside assistance, we could be a bit more hands-off and let the punters enjoy their rides, unless they wanted our involvement. Was it a positive experience? To be repeated or avoided? Anything you'd have done or had them do differently?
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