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    one ugly 07 Gear up.
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    Not much to say. Love love dual sporting and bikes, lots of BMW's, Guzzi's and anything vintage, even leaky Brit bikes...!

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  1. Will try to load up pics this evening, not sure if I can but will try. Pics are posted on Soviet steeds under same heading or close in the blackmarket classifieds. Rig is located in Middletown, PA 17057. Reasonable offer and it is gone. Need it out of where I have it stored.
  2. Got a rig I picked up that had been sitting in an estate. Bike was a kit purchased in 2004 from the Ohio guy. Bike is in need of work, turns over. Camo in color with black out coverings on all the lighting. Shame to let it go like this so I bought it, title applied for and in the mail. Pics were posted on soviet steeds by a fellow inmate there for me if you want to see pics. Best to email for more details and more pics. Not going to part or split at this time. May if no interest at some point. THX
  3. Have a complete non running 2004 MT-11 with car etc. Has you need ad a ton of spares to boot!
  4. Hi Motoleo Toyboy here in Middletown PA. I bought a 2002 Bavarian Classic that was a rig, now a solo bike. I plan on using it as a donor in ressurecting my 07 Gear up 2wd rig and using the 07 gear up cammo bodywork/front end so I should have a lot of leftovers from the Bavarian. Telescopic forks, fenders, tank, headlight, wheels, single wheel final drive etc. Bike is not home yet but will let you know when I get it of you like. Happy holidays!
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