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  1. Hope all is well

    1. racepres


      Yes Ok for the most part

      very busy and my Dnepr has ceased to Charge Battery!!!

    2. racepres


      Thanks for Asking

  2. Saw two on so. cal. C/L a few weeks ago. jeeze they act like they are new Urals, But my wooden front brake shoes keep my speeds down.
  3. One notch, a little better, today I went to the bottom and now even better, now I can take her to the C.H.P. for a Vin check [although I have a california tittle with the Vin#'s] are all DMV's this stupid? WTF Thanks Guys
  4. OK guys got the pekar 65's on and running, I kept the throttle stops in for now but being at sea level I think the jetting is too lean, has 180's and it falls on its face when I throttle up if I pull the choke levers up she will rev up with some smoke but way too fat. now I have the 190's that were on the chineeze k68's but are they the same thread/type/size? or what drill# to use I'm 1 1/2 turns out on the air screw. Thanks guys Dennis
  5. Not a bad thing to have this week for sure.
  6. Is that bottom oil ring smashed? Sad looking stuff. oh Dnepr that's why. bead blast the [sanded 800-1200] piston not too much in the ring lands new rings gapped and hone them up real good [stone or better] might try no second oil ring I've even heard of people sawing off the piston at the oil ring land all together. no sense putting money in a last chance effort on them barrels they are just old industrial machines built to 1950 CCCP standards. don't forget to pour a little gas in the ports to see if they leak into the combustion chamber if so lap them in real good and last or first check for cracks between valves. good luck! all of us Dnepr owners need it. and Happy New Year! 12 more months we get to work on these... works of beauty or whores take your pick. I Love them both.
  7. Chopper building life in the 70's was good and bad at the same time. I was just starting my family and I knew that my lifestyle was not conductive to a family life at least for me, so it got myself into trucking, little did I know that Pres. Carter would de-regulate trucking a year after I bought my truck and turned it into crap, like he did with everything he touched. yeah I got out of bike building just before H-D took off and into trucking just as it nosedived into the ground money wise. been around it all Top fuel racecars, desert racers, MX, drug runners [Boats], and my share of helping the poor and sick, and that is better for your soul than anything I have done in my life. but that's just me. I ordered Pekar k65t's so hopefully in 3 or 4 weeks i'll be on the road I hope it is a Dnepr after all.
  8. Well, I tried to take apart the pz30's and the pilot jets were frozen in the tower body so i broke the top of the jet off, being the ham fisted m.f. that i am. At 68 I still have it in me usally my wrists hurt before i break something. it had a 135 main in it so thats pretty small for a 325cc cylinder. Lucky that we have a motorcycle and bicycle swap meet every month of the year so this sunday i'm going to look around for maybe a set of honda cb450 of yamaha v twin carbs or some other CV's from the piles. I'm a cheep ass so maybe something will pop up. gone are the every garage had a dirt and or street bike Days in So.Cal. except Harley-Davidsons it is full of them choppers, that were $45,000 are $4,500 obo now stockers too. to bad I'm not 40 any more, time marches on and i forgot my PIN#'s thanks guys looks like a set of Pekar 65t is in my future. unless...
  9. not a 49 but... to bad i'm on the other side of US
  10. I have a set of PZ30's although i don't like the 2 screws and 2 blank pads on the float bowl i do like the big main jet plug on the bottom if not just to drain the bowl of the CARB gas we have here. the guy said he had them on a 650 bonnie so I'll look at whats in their.He might have lied and the are 125cc carbs. Any idea what jetting to start with? I have a bunch of jet drills from long ago but i don't know about what pilot jets to start with maybe the K68's will fit. I'm open to any help from all my friends here being we are all stupid enough to buy and work on these things but i love a challenge and i was sick of working on harleys and UJM's still like air cooled 2 stroke's though.
  11. I think i bought the Chinese ones, plastic caps, i took them apart and the float bowl gasket shrunk so i super glued them on so i could stretch and glue every corner for them to fit. i payed $60 or so. I bought this from a guy who ran into a tree and broke the right cylinder off the engine [yeah in between the side car and the bike] so i took the motor apart [after i sawzawed the bent rod of of it] and replaced everything that looked bad new pistons rings bored .008 [bmw side car spec's] bearings, seals, runs good for what it. is Just trying to get it right. I have a friend who has a bunch of the 28&30 chinese carbs so i think i'll give them a try. so Pekar is the way to go for CCCP carbs? thanks Dennis
  12. Jetting please, just looking for a starting point at sea level. Thanks Dennis
  13. Yes, I've worked on bikes since 1971 and i know that CV's are the way to go. what CV after market works? I thought that K68 was a Jap copy but what a joke. Plenty of flat and round slides work fine. and no i'm not going to spend $300+ on a set of carbs on a Dnepr when something cheaper will work.
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