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    Old bike

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    Tourist (1971 y.o),Tourist-M (1971 y.o)
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    Im from Saint-Petersburg (Russia).i like old bikes and i have 3 repaired bykes. if you have questions i m ready to response in english.

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  1. Dear friends, you can buy this retro soviet helmet for only 25 $. The helmet meets all requirements of safety.There are 3 helmets. Delivery is not included.I can send it via DHL (or other service) and i have PayPal accout.
  2. This is cargo modification of the scooter. Name of this modification "Muravey" that means "ant" )))))
  3. This legendary Soviet scooter))))
  4. No gold plated parts, only old original parts )) In my opinion this is good price for 40-year old bike.We have spent a lot of time and money. I'm in no hurry to sell bike and not insist on this price. If you have offer of the price, tell me. IMHO - $15000 dollars for new Ural means that his parts were made from gold too )))
  5. P.S.: Delivery from Russia isn't included in this price
  6. The truth, two of three work perfectly.It is a blue and green scooter which were painted in a workshop (the "excellent" and "legless"). The price for each 3500$.The third scooter which was painted myself - he need to be repaired
  7. Please tell me,if you want to buy one of these scooters. Ooooo.... maybe you want to buy this pretty dog ???)))
  8. The third scooter "Kolhoznik" (before and after)
  9. The second scooter "Excellent" (before and after)
  10. See our results. The first scooter "Legless" (before and after)
  11. We received an inspiration and began to complete all scooters that all of them worked correctly
  12. And we start to paint two-colored scooter))
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