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  1. SOLD to a local Guy Thanks for looking
  2. May sound simple but, have spark on that side, if so getting fuel?
  3. Hey I'm on the other side of the state from Lyle at roughly the same 900' on a 96' tourist and am running 125 mains, 45 pilot, clip in the middle, air screw at 1.75 out. I was having a similar problem with wacking the throttle and dieing out. I spent a lot of time working on the sync of the carbs and now have it working pretty well with head temps in the 250 area running down the road at 50ish and around 300 on steep hills with a 386 lb ballast in the hack (neighbor) temp measured using Ivan Puck CHT gauges aka meat thermometers My carbs were jetted stock at 110-m 35-p and clip at bottom (richest) Carb sync plays a huge role. I used a multimeter with tach for final idle sync.
  4. Hey Bural, Thats what I get for using the owners manual on the .002" for valve clearance. I reset the valves to 004" I- 006"-E. I believe I tested the coil correct by running a wire from the small post on the left side to + on a battery and touched a wire to the lug on the other side to the - on the battery and saw no spark at the plugs. So if my method was done right I feel that the coil is dead. That sound about right? W
  5. Hey All, The new to me 96' Tourist has been sitting for a while. I pulled all the wires and leads thru out the bike, cleaned and greased them. Tinned the aftermarket 8.8 plug wire ends to the coil. Cleaned and greased all wires to the box under the seat. Bike fired up and ran and revved nice. I rejetted to 125 main 45 pilot and needle in middle.(elev. 850) I noticed the inside carb (mikuni) was leaking at the bowl so shut it down. Today I retorqued the heads (22 ftlbs) set the valves (.002") and have no spark, I'm guessing coil went south. I test at batt and have full juice (12.6). Check at the green rotor wire & have somewhere around 6.6v disconnect the other wire (blue) at rotor and have 12.6 v. Check red wire at coil and have 0v. disconnect red wire at the plug up stream from coil and have 12.6v. So am I going about it right and am I right thinking the coil is shot or is it the Type I box under the seat? Any help would be great. Thanks Wade
  6. Hey Lyle, I ordered some adapters from Crawford and was told that they are the ones, Mikuni vm30-200 I spoke with sudco and they said the number changed from the old number of vm30-200 to vm30-288. I pulled a carb and bang the mikuni part number of vm30-200 was raised in rubber. price was around $50. +shipping a pair. I ordered 125 mains, 40, 45 pilots from Dennis Kirk. I haven't pulled the front cover to even see what is in there. (SOON) If you have measurements of the of the piece I have a shop that is local that lasers or punch presses pieces for us and I can send a CAD drawing to them and see what come back with (they like to work in S/S) I run a cutting table and cut gaskets for a couple companies around the area and have been looking at the Ural gaskets and saying HMMMM. W
  7. Hey Steve, I was just out tinkering, I regapped to .025" and checked filter, (horse hair/fishing line nest) filter is clean and lightly oiled. It seems if the motor is not fully warm and shutter is closed or close it will rev. But when warmed will not rev or move under load.(stalls out) New carb to head adapters are on the way as well as jets. W
  8. Thanks for all the input, On a side note are you early 650 guys still running the type I ign.? What plugs are you running and what are you gapping your plugs at? I hear they like a pretty close gap (.025") and NGK BP6HS plug. Wade
  9. Lyle, Thanks for the reply. I'm going to replace the adapters and I'll get some jets and try that. I'm in Duluth on the other side of the state.
  10. Hey All, Rounded up a 96' tourist the other day , got it home cleaned the carbs, syncd, replaced all fuel lines and filters, flushed tank, cleaned petcock. Running stock Mikuni carbs, jetted at P=35 M=110 air screw 1.75 out. needle on richest setting (tried middle) Carb adapters aren't the prettiest. But anyhow I wack the throttle and a huge bog and dies if I don't tickle it back to life, or trying to take off it won't rev up and dies. Plenty of fuel in lines. I'm new to Ural and am stumped. I've searched and couldn't find the LIGHT in a post. Any ideas would be great. Elevation around 850' Thanks, Wade
  11. Hey Jeb, Thanks for the info. My 3 rail is 43" to the outside of the rails, so I 'm bumming my chums 5x8 landscape trailer that has a full width ramp and lower than the 3 rail, got it dialed. I'm picking it up from a fellow from the Minneapolis area that has a cabin in the lakes area of MN. I've owned a couple /5 BMW and owned and wrenched on quite a few A/C VW's, so it should be right up my alley, can't wait. Best part is my wife is the one that told me to buy it. URABUS
  12. Hey All, New to Ural, I'm picking up a 96' tourist on Friday. (wanted 1 for years hoping to ride later and earlier in the seasons here in MN) I'm hoping to haul it home on my 3 rail dirt bike trailer, I want to know if someone will measure the width from the inside of bike wheels to the inside of the sidecar wheel for me also outside measurement would be nice. Thanks, Urabus
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