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  1. It looks like you could cook burgers on that after a long ride.
  2. Has anyone seen the new aluminum wheels? what did you think? how much are they? We're thinking about upgrading to lose the weight.
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    It's just pointless. Two words that I don't care about. Now i have to open that email and read these two words which were implied anyway, and delete it. Thanks for wasting my time. No thank you, keep your two words. Now take Ebay for example, those instances where the buyer has a question. OK, so i answer the question and they reply back and say "thank you". AHHHHHH!!!!! I can't believe it. Now if i don't respond to their trite, little, stupid response Ebay thinks I have ignored the buyer. Screw Ebay. I am starting the Coalition to End Emails That Say Thank You. Spread the word if you want to be a member and stop people from wasting precious time dicking around with two word emails. God have mercy.
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    People who reply to an email and the only content of the email is "Thank You" should be taken out of their home in the middle of the night and shot dead in the street. Their body should be left their to bloat and rot, for all to see. thank you, Rob
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    change over

    From the album: Cabin Trip 2010

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    From the album: in the beginning...

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  7. It might just be better just to rent all kinds of bikes and "specialize" in sidecar rigs as well. Something so specific probably won't do too well and may atract a dangerous crowd of ignorant newbs just waiting to roll your rigs. Some people look at these things and think they are easier to ride than 2 wheelers.
  8. I like it and I’m willing to open the NJ franchise some day. I'm not intimidated by the liability aspect since i see so many moto rental shops around i figure it's a realistic business to get into. I think if the customer service is good and you run a respectable, legitimate business then you shouldn't worry. Inventory and emergency assistance would be a challenge though. Let me know when you have your grand opening. I'd like to be your first customer. Then i'll submit a job application.
  9. I have a nice brown leather for sale. New, never worn. brown leather jacket
  10. ya, the world was better place when everyone rode horses and we didn't have to worry about this. They mow your grass and fertilize your crops. why did we ever get away from that?
  11. Welcome to the foil. Your first bike? northern NJ here.
  12. Does anyone know if there is going to be a booth at IMS in NYC in January? Do they need volunteers?
  13. what the... it's certainly interesting but damn ugly. hats off to the minds that put it together but i'd rather have a quad.
  14. i attached a U bolt to the back of the sidecar. I put the dog in a shoulder harness and run a small strap through the ring on the back of his harness and through the U bolt. That gives him about 10 inches of slack to move around. I usually put a box in front of the seat to give him a level surface to balance on. Throw a blanket over everything, strap on the doggles, and he's good to go.
  15. I'm leading a group of bikes through south eastern PA this weekend. I need to know the best route from New Hope to Gettysburg, no interstate riding if possible. Can anyone tell me if 202 to RT 30 is a good ride? country roads or traffic lights? and is there a good sandwich joint that you could recommend? thanks,
  16. As your attorney I advise you to buy a motorcycle.

  17. Can someone explain the difference between a TR-4 and a TR-6 valve (with reagrds to tubes)? will either one work on a 2007 Ural GU?
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