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  1. sorry, another newbie with a million questions So I recently got a 2006 Ural troyka. I am concerned it may be running too fast on idle. Seems fast to my ear, and without a tach I cant say for certain where it sits. But, in doing some research I did find a youtube video of a guy selling a ural that seems to be running pretty much at the same idle speed mine is. So based on this video, assuming mine is set at the same idle speed, would you say its too high? This isnt mine, just sounds by ear very close to where my idle is running. Skip to 1:55 to hear it running
  2. Thanks, was an easy fix. Throttle grip had positions to set it up either way. Not sure why he had it put that way, but was a quick fix at least.
  3. well the Po definitely reversed it then. Still trying to figure out of its an easily swapped from push to pull, or if he did some custom work to get it reversed.
  4. Got my first Russian bike, a nice blue/silver 2006 Ural Troyka. So question about it, are the throttle grip on a Ural set up typically to roll forward to give it power, or roll back (as in what I am used to with all the other bikes I've owned) this one is definitely set currently to roll forward. Not sure if that was a previous owner choice, or is that how Urals roll :) Haven't had a chance to tear apart the throttle cable housing on the handlebars, any idea if are they swappable from push to pull easily? I am definitely more comfortable with a roll back style, but I suppose I could learn to deal with a roll forward style if I need to.
  5. Long time lurker, finally a Ural owner! Would love a large set, will IM you for details-- thanks
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