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  1. I just got back from Glacier National Park on a 900 mile rounder. I rode from CDA Idaho to West Glacier, Traversed the Continental Divide, crossed the entire park and then circled the south end of the park through Browning. Unbelievable scenery. I have done it many times in a car but on a motorcycle it's a whole new thing. Lot's a pictures and a few jealous Harley Riders. Link here: Part One: http://www.sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4234 Part Two: http://www.sovietsteeds.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=4296
  2. I don't think there is anything un-masculine about wearing a kilt. I would definitley wear one.... just as soon as I buff up to the point where I could beat the ever-loving @$#! out of anyone who dared to make fun of me. Getting beat up by a guy in a skirt is just plain embarrassing. :thumbsup!:
  3. This raises the questions----Are seat belts ever used in the sidecar to keep the rider in place during sudden stops? Also, what about a roll bar added to the the hack in case of a roll over? Not much help for the driver in such an event, but it might help the monkey walk away from the wreck. Phil there's a user on Sovietsteed that installed a rollbar on his sidecar. Unless the passenger is strapped in I don't think it would do a whole lot of good except to minimize the damage to the rig itself. Me personally, I'd rather be thrown. The logic I use for that line of thinking came from a mountain bike wreck I had 10 years ago. I was shoe-clipped to the pedals and they didn't unlock. I tumbled over about 9 times at 30 mph with the bike attached to me the entire time. No fun.
  4. hmmmm. I think I'll go check that out. This might be the first step to disposable GPS devices. you might want to look at using a image host. I've noticed the forums uploader is real slow and it hangs when uploading sometimes. I've been using photbucket for years and it's uploader is really fast. Just hot link your image with the provided code they attach to the image and your all set. Copy, paste. done.
  5. I hear what you're saying. I bought a second helmet because of issues like that; besides being uncomfortable, my KDL full face has another problem. With the faceplate closed, my glasses fog over, as does the inside of the faceplate. The various tricks for defogging don't work for me, nor does the use of the million and one products on the market that are supposed to take care of it. Besides... with everything buttoned down, I got tired of sounding like Darth Vader in there!!! Not to mention that smoking a cigarette when you stop is a bit of a problem... hauling the perfectly set helmet off and on unnecessarily is a pain in the butt. I gave a 3/4 helmet and goggles a try, and that's what I'm going with right now. The KDL full face is now used as the brain bucket for the hack rider when needed. Only problem with that... for most hack monkeys the fit is poor; I take an XXL! With the open face I feel a bit less protected, but the open face takes care of the ventilation and fogging over problems. This particular Bell model doesn't have a faceplate option available, so for eye protection I've had to turn to goggles, which presents it's own problems when you wear glasses. After trying out several sets of biker's goggles (which can get quite expensive), the best solution I've found was right at the local hardware store. The cheap shop goggles that they sell for woodworking fit just FINE over glasses... the kind with plastic lenses and a frame made of soft, green molded plastic. The fit is MUCH better than any bike goggles I've seen, thry're well ventilated (to keep down the fogging), and they're CHEAP... under $5.00 a set. I make one modification; the cloth covered head strap that comes with 'em will just slip all over the back of a helmet. I replace the strap with a slice of inner tube rubber. Just the same tho, my search for the PERFECT helmet for my purposes goes on... IMHO that's the right attitude... a stickerless helmet is better than none at all. No real irony at all. It's been my observation of cage drivers that the more familiar they are with the area where they're driving, the more the "driving dumb" factor kicks in. If I buy it out there, I fully expect to get nailed at the end of my own driveway, run over by one of my neighbors! Got THAT right! The only thing certain in life is that you won't get out of it alive. All you can do is keep on truckin' the best way you know how. GAVNO I'm using Bobster Eyewear Googles. They come with 3 sets of poly lenses (Amber, Clear and Smoke) and they also can put your prescription in a frame. If you find the shoppers don't work for you (although they sound like they are) you should look into those. They are extremely comfortable even after 100 miles on the eyes.
  6. Being a new rider I wear a helmet. I live in a no helmet law state and I see my share of people (including Ural riders) who don't wear them. Personally my biggest gripe about wearing a helmet is is it's heavy and it's alway flippin' hot. When I riding around at 45mph, then its not nearly as bad because the wind makes up for the heat. I recently bought a 2nd, non- DOT rated helmet. It's smaller, lighter and cooler. It's also probably not going to save my life in a crash, but for some reason I feel better with it than wearing nothing. The irony is I wear it when I am just tooling around the neighborhood at less than 30mph.... where I am probably 3 times as likely to get creamed by someone. I don't know. Motorcycles are dangerous. It's a high risk venture. What are you gonna do?
  7. In other words, something a little less Russian. :flameon:
  8. I got my bike out this morning for it's first real ride. Real being that I actually shifted through all the gears and managed to figure out the RPMs by the engine sound. I'm starting to get the feel for the clutch now. It's doesn't feel as much like a blender with a wrench being dropped in it when I shift. Getting better at shifting my weight in turns. It's all starting to feel surprisingly natural considering I've only had the bike since this last Tuesday and have zero motorcycle experience. My problem is, how do I get this smile off my face? Is this going to be permanent?
  9. My 6 years old came out of the house yesterday and yelled at me for starting the bike without my helmet on. I can see how it happens though. You think "I'm just going to trot around the neighborhood." But it's that 25 mph trot that is more likely to get you killed. My Ural dealer is 4 blocks from my house. I think they would ex-communicate me if they saw me rolling without a lid. Is there any news or updates on Rick's condition?
  10. That's terrible news. Gives me a little bit of pause while I'm learning to handle my rig. We don't have helmet laws here in ID, but it was the first thing I bought even before they delivered the bike. Let's hope everything works out and he's up and running agin soon.
  11. Yeah... I notice the light comes on when you kick the reverse lever. Is it just me, or does reverse have a massive amount of torque? I really have to ease the clutch and use almost zero throttle to get it to zip backwards. Gonna need some practice with that one.... and a lot of open space.
  12. 3/4 clutching and I can feel the little click where neutral is. Not every time, but enough to do it 9 out of 10 times. It also got better when I swapped out my cut-heel boots for flatter sole boots. Yup... I agree with what Warthog posted... it's a lot like trying to find.... ummm.... Antarctica. :thumbsup!:
  13. ok.. So I read the manual and the Driving a Sidecar Rig book. So I'm ready to do the first exercise: Starting the Bike. I go through the pre-start check. I check the fuel valve.. everything is in the right place. Shift the bike into neutral. Look for Neutral light to indicate it is in Neutral. No light. However I read that these little lights can be hit or miss. The manual says the bike must be in neutral to start it, or it might lurch forward, backward or explode... or something like that. Now I would assume if the bike free rolls that it is in neutral, but I am really new to this and I don't want to assume anything. I would also assume I could start the bike in gear if I held the clutch lever in, but again.. I don't know. This is not my car. whole new world.
  14. I was expecting to pick it up in May, but because I didn't want to finance it I just kept running into other expenses that took priority. I just kept putting a few grand on it every few weeks. The dealer kinda freaked out when I showed up yesterday with $8k in cash. Very much worth the wait. And very much paid for. I hate debt.
  15. Well it took a lot longer to do this than I thought, but I finally took possession today. (see thread "what have I done?") Anyway. I got officailly foiled today. I will post a pic of my special hat that my kids are making for me. very glad to be back. <mods.. please merge the double post. somehow the pic went in one and the text in another my editing is making it worse.>
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