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    Ural frame with Dnepr motor and Dnepr sidecar, mid sixties or something

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  1. Leaking through pores, that seems to happen now and then, poor metallurgy. Did you repair that?
  2. The box is a MT804 btw. I´ve read about worn forks, thank you Razorlight, it said that as the movement is very small, 5mm, it would not take much of wear to render the shifting impossible. The box is anyway leaking and i will even check overall wear. Fork set costs 35 euros or 40$, as well as for the bearings, and there are many other components that could be worn. A NOS box is 360 Euros, could be a better choice if many parts are worn and not easy to fabricate at the shop...
  3. That´s good, chewing a woodruff key with the gears is a dumb thing to do. I guess i will have to take it apart. I have a MT9 in a Ural 650 frame and the Dneprmatic box, the assy is very long så i will have to hoist the complete power plant out of the frame, and then come back. Lucky i am to have an extra 4 speed box...
  4. Hi, how on earth does my gearbox misses the 4th gear? It is not adjustable and i´d very much like to keep the semi-automatic clutch feature. 1-2-3 and reverse, all go normally. But then when shifting into 4th, nothing, or more like neutral. Then shift down, to 3rd, no problem. Has someone taken out the whole power plant and has been stealing gears out of my box? Could it be worn forks or something? I do have a complete, well working 4 speeds gearbox without reverse, are the gears the same? My engine is a Dnepr 650CC MT9 Thanks!
  5. A Ural frame with Dnepr MT9 motor and Dnepr sidecar with it, just what i bought! Everything was out of tune but not anymore, ignition, carbs and valves are set and i could go for "some" ride, the nastiest beast i ever drove. No paint job in sight if not for some faux rust so it looks like just coming out of a barn for the first time in decades, i like. I had to remove all the HD-like lights added to the bike, not needed for road legal and real ugly, neither a decent brake light, registered as a 1972 Ural. If you are by Charlottendals MC, come and have a cup!
  6. Hi, all brand new member with a MT9 engine in a Ural frame and a Dnepr sidecar. Very good thread with many of the questions i could have asked. Thanks!
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