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  1. got to say it again, this bike is excellent work, congrats
  2. yeah well the welds ain't my best on the tail light protector, but neither are the soviet welds on the bike really the most pleasing to the eye. but these aren't made to look cute, they're made to endure!
  3. A sputnik type sidecar would fit like a charm i think! And red colour
  4. The next project would be the sidecar. Not sure when i can get that started, i'll post a video link of running engine when i remember to film such a thing, and so on.. Here's something i salvaged off a junk pile, would make a cool toolbox at the back of the sidecar? I have a new(er) complete kit sitting at my place, so i know what i'm dealing with here. But the tools inside were nowhere to be found. Can you tell me what this once was?
  5. I will definitely put some new leather to the seat, but maybe we can bear the ugly looks of the seat cover and chrome shocks so i can put this thing together? That being said, this thing is now pretty much complete. The pipes are leaning to a wall next to the pipe, i need to make some proper brackets for them: Wonder which is tilted, the camera, the light holder, the fender, seat licence plate, or all of them? But i expect no weird light trouble from this end:
  6. The petrol tank cap seal seems rather dehydrated, so i made my mission to provide it with a new one made from detergent-proof rubbery kinda thing: Tank painted and in place with brand new petcock and fuel hoses:
  7. Now it's turn to change gaskets and color of the rear shocks. I've been working on these kinds of things for years, but these were still a pain in the ass to put back together since i didn't bother to print pitures, i just did it one at a time so i could check the washer order from the other one if there was any trouble. Well i still got them both working again so i'd call that a win:
  8. Zipped the wires, looks real good to me, and plenty of extra length to go around: Also painted the alternator cover: Note that in the lower pic the cardan is a bit out of place as it and the rubber joint has small clearance between em. The lock rings on the shaft kept popping off, so i welded some bolt washers in their place. Works fine, and one place less to worry about unless you decide to switch that cardan shaft into another, different sized frame. (dnepr has 4 different frame sizes) I'm sorry i ain't got pictures of that, but i'm sure y'all know what i'm talking about
  9. I built a new means of air feed to carbs, i like it a lot. Damn the engine is already dirty and dusty: I also started to widen an old dented tank: But til i get that done i'll use this normal sized tank, so i painted it first, with rollers and brushes:
  10. Painted it with a roller, the spray gun got broken by someone working at the repair shop. I'm happy with it, i think i'll paint the rest of the bike with it: Also colored the front fender: And some other stuff: I modded the original tail lamp holder to fit a modern one, and welded some cover so it won't immediately smash into pieces if i back up and hit something:
  11. Story goes on... Here i made new insides for old switches, the new plastic ones i got were crappy they didn't tighten well onto handlebar, they just kept spinning around so i did this: Stock warning lights, and some weird soviet ignition lock with western standard numbers: All new electrics: And the instrument panel cover:
  12. Damn luca.stere, that's one super nice ural you made!!
  13. It's getting together nicely. I'll post the rest later, i hope you people write comments and thoughts on my dnepr. I still got some pics, and this is just where i was with the bike like last november...
  14. Then the diff. Started by cleaning it thoroughly, it was pretty good inside, all i did was greased it up a bit and changed the gaskets. And of course painted! In the last pic you can see my new pipes, simple and loud! Also my mockup rear shocks, got them sitting on the shelf so i put them on til i have the old ones restored. Chrome is not what i seek in this project
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